Epic polo Gold Cup win for El Remanso

Approaching 15,000 spectators watched the Final of the King Power Gold Cup for the British Open Polo Championship at Cowdray Park recently in arguably one of the most thrilling finals of recent times, writes Liz Higgins.

Following two spectacular semi final matches four days earlier, the Hanbury family’s El Remanso team faced up to Jean-François Decaux’s La Bamba de Areco and few would have been confident enough to predict the outcome.

El Remanso comprised the close-knit line-up of four Englishmen, Charlie Hanbury, Ollie Cudmore, James Beim and James Harper, playing to the same line-up as 2017 when they reached the Final but lost to King Power.

Jean-François Decaux’s La Bamba de Areco side comprised the enormous talent of three-goal player Byron Watson, with Polito Pieres substituting for an injured David Stirling and 10 goaler Juan Martin Nero at Back.

Charlie Hanbury and Jon Rudkin with the Gold Cup Aloft. Photo: Clive Bennett www.polopictures.co.uk

The popular home-based El Remanso team had come through the tournament without dropping a match but it was not to be plain sailing for the Englishmen as the game changed fortunes between the first and second halves.

The Patron, Charlie Hanbury, playing the match of his life, stormed away from the first throw-in to mark the scoreboard with the opening goal.  His second goal of the match gave El Remanso a 3-2 lead to close the first chukka.  With no answers from La Bamba during the second chukka, El Remanso went into the third with a lead of 4-2, consolidating the lead at 6-4 at half time.

The second half opened with a hit-in from Watson for La Bamba de Areco, Beim returned the ball which Nero tried to secure but Harper won the ball and his neat back-hand shot took El Remanso on to 7-4.  However, the tables began to turn as exciting play from Watson for La Bambe de Areco, strong attacking play by Pieres and the gift of two 30 yard penalties which Juan Martin Nero had little difficulty in sending through, saw La Bamba finally ahead at 12-10 by the close of the fifth chukka.

The action raced on through the final chukka, with El Remanso fighting for every ball.  Awarded a 30 yard penalty, Ollie Cudmore sent the ball between the posts to pull the side up to within a goal of their opponents. Beim won the ball from the throw-in and great teamwork saw Harper move it on and Hanbury then leave it for Harper who coolly sent it between the posts. To an enormous cheer from the crowd, the scores were level on 12-12.

Cudmore took the ball away from the throw-in and, challenged by Decaux, he carried on going but the ball went out.  Nero for La Bamba de Areco passed the ball to his patron but Decaux failed to get the goal they desperately sought.  Harper brought the ball in and sent it to Beim who, despite being challenged, calmly turned it and found Cudmore who sent it between for posts for El Remanso as the final bell sounded. It was the sweetest victory for El Remanso and the crowd went wild.

A new prize for the Best Playing Patron’s Pony, donated by sponsors King Power, was presented by Marcos di Paola of King Power to Charlie Hanbury’s pony Lovelocks Sex, the award for Best Playing Pony of the match, presented by the Hon Lila Pearson, went to Blanca Nueve, owned by Pelon Stirling and played by Polito Pieres.

Jon Rudkin, Director of Football for Leicester City Football Club, which is owned by sponsors King Power, stepped forward to present individual and team prizes on behalf of King Power.

Charlie Hanbury was voted Most Valuable Player of the Final with four brilliant goals to his credit. As well as generous prizes to both finalists and winners, John Rudkin also presented gifts to the four umpires who had done stirling work through the four weeks of the British Open campaign.

The commentators, Karl Ude Martinez and John Kent, were also presented with gifts.  Corinne Ricard, on behalf of Pernod-Ricard, presented a Jeroboam of Perrier-Jouët, Cowdray Park’s Official Champagne, to the winning Patron, Charlie Hanbury. Finally Jon Rudkin presented the Gold Cup to a proud Charlie Hanbury who shared the moment with his parents Christopher and Bridget.

Roderick Vere-Nicoll, Chairman of Cowdray Park Polo Club said:  “This was a tremendous day for the club – a great crowd, great sponsors, great weather, a wonderful vibe and superb polo from both sides.  If it was a Hollywood script, we couldn’t have written it better.”


Quarter finals of polo championship

The penultimate weekend of the 2018 King Power Gold Cup for the British Open Polo
Championship attracted large crowds for the thrilling Quarter Final matches leading to a
place in the Semi Finals, writes Liz Higgins
Following a tense five way shoot-out for a place in the Quarters, the following eight teams are through to the Semis: Alfi Investments, El Remanso, La Bamba de Areco, La Indiana, Park Place, RH Polo, Talandracas and Valiente.
On a total score of 16 to ALFI Investments 11, the four man English squad of El Remanso remain undefeated as they head towards the Semi Finals.
La Bamba de Areco vs Talandracas saw a win for Jean Francois Decaux’s La Bamba de Areco side on a final score of 10-8 to Decaux’s side.

Winners of the  Centenary Cup, La Indiana, at Cowdray Park Polo Club, Midhurst  Photo:Clive Bennett Photography  20180715 ©2018 C6310.CR2

Sunday’s Centenary Cup saw La Indiana vs Valiente in a hard fought but somewhat scrappy match, with the world’s finest 10 goal players, Adolfo Cambiaso and Facundo Pieres, on opposing sides and fighting for every ball. An even first half saw the teams deadlocked at 5-5, but a dominant second half from La Indiana, led by six goals from Facundo Pieres, saw La Indiana run away in the final three chukkas for their 13-8 victory.
 At the opposite end of the spectrum, the Final of the July 4 goal tournament reached its
conclusion on Sunday July 15 in a fast–paced skilful show of polo between James
Rogerson’s Connect44 team and Wilf Fine’s Sea Breeze.
Just a half goal separated the teams as they went into the final chukka on 5-5½, but a remarkable turn-around by 2 goal player John Kent for Connect44 saw a reversal of fortune for Rogerson’s side. Kent’s three goals in succession,answered by only one from the Sea Breeze 4 goaler Nick Pepper, saw James Rogerson enjoy his first victory at Cowdray Park on a final score of 8-6½

New Cowdray polo sponsors

Cowdray Park Polo Club has announce that the Embassy of Hungary, together with the Hungarian Tourism Agency, are the new sponsors of one of the Quarter Finals in the King Power Gold Cup for the British Open Polo Championship.

The Hungarian Ambassador, His Excellency Kristof Szalay-Bobrovniczky, has commissioned a bespoke trophy to be presented this afternoon, July 14, in the Quarter Final match taking place at 3.00 pm between El Remanso and Alfi Investments.

Expect exciting polo action at Cowdray www.polopictures.co.uk Lawns Midhurst Clive Bennett 20170702 ©2017 Clive Bennett Photography

In a nation well known and respected for its equestrian activities, polo remains a relatively new sport, but the Ambassador is set to change opinion:  “I have been an enthusiastic rider for many years, but when I witnessed top level polo for the first time I became immediately attracted to the skill and athleticism required by both players and horses.  I hope my first initiative in the world of polo will encourage many people in my country to appreciate this thrilling sport.”

Cowdray Park Polo Club Chairman, Roderick Vere Nicoll, added:  “We are delighted to be welcoming the Ambassador and his guests to Cowdray Park Polo Club.  I am always excited to be introducing new people to our sport and I know they will be watching some of the highest quality polo to be seen worldwide as the 2018 King Power Gold Cup moves into its dynamic knock-out phase.”

For teams and match timings for all the Quarter Final matches, please visit www.cowdraypolo.co.uk.  Highlights of the action throughout the King Power Gold Cup can be seen on cowdray.tv, with the Semi Finals and Final live-streamed exclusively on cowdray.tv.

Two major polo finals

It was polo all the way at Cowdray Park with the recent final of the 12 goal Texaco Cup and the Argentine Ambassadors Cup.
Another blisteringly hot weekend saw the Final of the 12 goal Texaco Cup played between Cowdray Vikings and Yaguara . Playing alongside Lila Pearson in her Cowdray
Vikings side were her son George Pearson (2 goals) at number 2, Ollie Cork (2 goals) at number 3 and England player Jack Richardson (7 goals) at Back.
Featuring in Martina Lowe’s Yaguara side were brothers Juan Facundo and Manuel Guevara (each 3 goals) at numbers 2 and 3 and the experienced Andrea Vianini (5 goals) at Back.
Manuel Guevara made the first mark on the scoreboard for Yaguara, Ollie Cork shooting fast but wide to end the first chukka and Yaguara taking a 1-0 lead. Chukka 2 saw young Cork again close to Yaguara’s goal but losing the ball over the back line. Vianini brought the ball in and George Pearson got his stick to it, but there was soon a whistle and a 30 yard penalty awarded to Cowdray Vikings which Richardson sent accurately between the posts to level the scores at 1-1.

Lila with the Texaco team: Photo Clive Bennett

A lovely piece of team play by the young Cowdray Vikings players saw Cork run away with the ball and take it all the way to the Yaguara goal for 2-2. The second half saw a dramatic change of fortune, with  Richardson making an under-the-neck shot to goal to take Cowdray Vikings into the lead for the first time. Next came Cork with another great goal to 4-2.
Then Pearson pop through another for 5-2. By the end of the chukka the Vikings had moved on to 6-2 following another goal from Jack Richardson.
The final chukka saw tough play and a melée which resulted in a 60 yard penalty for
Cowdray Vikings which Richardson sent straight and true but the ball was stopped by
Manuel Guevara.
Cork later neatly put the ball between the posts for a 7-3 victory for Cowdray Vikings.


Mrs Jo Richardson presenting the handsome Texaco trophy to Lila Pearson   www.polopictures.co.uk Ambersham Midhurst Clive Bennett 20180707 ©

The feature match of the weekend played in front of a huge crowd was the Argentine Ambassador’s Cup, one of the league matches of the 22 goal handicap King Power Gold Cup for the British Open Polo Championship.

Ben Soleimani’s RH team with Argentine players Martin Podesta (5 goals),Guillermo ‘Sapo’ Caset (9 goals) and Brazilian 8 goal player Rodrigo Andrade faced the Monterosso side of Alessandro Bazzoni with Argentine players Juan Martin Zubia (6  goals) and 8 goal brothers Ignacio and Santiago Toccalino.

Andrade was the first to mark the scoreboard with a goal for RH Polo in chukka 1. Santiago. Toccalino answered for Monterosso in the second chukka but Sapo Caset held the lead for RH Polo with a lovely long shot to goal. A 30 yard penalty from Santi Toccalino took the score on to 2-2; by half time Monterosso were 4-3 ahead.The fifth chukka ended at 8-6 to Monterosso before three goals in succession from Caset in chukka 6 completed a 9-8 victory for RH Polo.

Mrs Jo Richardson presented the handsome Texaco trophy – one of Cowdray’s finest – to Lila Pearson and prizes to all the players. The Best Playing Pony prize, presented by Saracen Horse Feeds, was awarded to ‘Star’ owned and played by Jack Richardson.

His Excellency R. Carlos Sersale de Cerisano presented the historic trophy dating back to1953 to a delighted Ben Soleimani and prizes of Argentine wine to all players


Valiente win Midhurst Town Cup in high scoring epic

An epic contest between Valiente and La Indiana in a league game for the 2018 King Power Gold Cup, played for the Midhurst Town Cup, delivered one of the highest scoring and best matches seen by Cowdray Park spectators in recent times.

Each playing their second match in the Gold Cup for the British Open Polo Championship, Bob Jornayvaz’s Valiente met Michael Bickford’s La Indiana with the world’s two leading 10-goal players on opposing sides – Adolfo Cambiaso for Valiente and Facundo Pieres for La Indiana.

USA patron Jornayvaz took the number 1 position for his side with Englishman Hugo Lewis at 2 and Argentine players Cristian Laprida at 3 and Cambiaso at Back. Also from the USA, Michael Bickford was at number 1 for La Indiana, with Australian Alec White at 2, American Nic Roldan at 3, and Argentine Facundo Pieres at Back.

Valiente- winners of the Midhurst Town Cup: Photo courtesy of Chris Orange

La Indiana marked the scoreboard within seconds of the match starting, Bickford scoring from Roldan’s pass. Valiente won the throw in with Laprida looking for Cambiaso, but an infringement enabled Laprida to level the scores from a 30 yard penalty. Weaving his way around Pieres, Laprida made a neat field goal and 2-1 on the scoreboard for Valiente. A collision on the field gave another penalty to Valiente which Cambiaso lost little time in converting from 40 yards. The teams came back to the centre, La Indiana stole the ball from Cambiaso and suddenly Pieres worked his magic sending a massive lofted shot from 70 yards through the posts to take back a goal for his side.

Then came a trio of goals from Cambiaso The score moved on to 6-2 in Valiente’s favour. Pieres stole the ball from Laprida and went on the attack to achieve La Indiana’s only goal of the chukka. Lewis replied, giving Valiente 7-3 on the scoreboard. Three goals in succession from penalties were scored by Pieres taking La Indiana up to 6-7 bjut a flurry of goals from each side saw scores levelled at 10-10 by half-time.
That went to 13-13 by the end of Chukka 5.

The breathtaking action continued into the sixth chukka when Pieres sent through goal number 28 giving his side a 15-13 lead. In the heated action, a 60 yard penalty was awarded to Valiente which Cambiaso sent soaring to secure just a one goal difference. Another penalty was given away and Laprida was given the job of sending the 30 yard shot home and it was 15-15.

Cambiaso went racing away again hitting the ball in the air as he headed for the goal, but the whistle blew. A safety shot was awarded to Valiente. Huge Lewis swiftly took it and Valiente secured the lead which saw them the victors in the 2018 Midhurst Town Cup.

The historic Cup and generous prizes of leather document cases were presented by Mrs Mariya Burton of Aspinal of London. She also presented the award for Most Valuable Player to Christian Laprida. The Best Playing Pony prize, awarded to Facundo Pieres’ Galactica was presented by Mrs Lila Pearson.

40 goal polo dazzles crowd

History was made at Cowdray Park Polo Club on Saturday, June 23, as the All Pro Polo League (APPL) gave the club its first ever 40-goal match.

Eight 10-goal players took to the field to showcase a set of rules, proposed by APPL founder Javier Tanoira, which intend to make polo a more dynamic and spectator friendly sport. Saturday’s event proved that Tanoira’s vision has the potential to transform modern-day polo.

Action kicked off at 4:30 pm with an 18-goal “Young Guns” battle, which saw up-andcoming players from England, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina and Australia play a competitive, fast flowing match. Kings and Hurlingham Polo 1875 fought hard to claim the victory, but Kings managed to score in the last minute to win 7-6.

Presentation of Cowdray Park v Hurlingham 1875 in the 40 Goal All Pro Polo League Polo Match Played on Lawns 1 at Cowdray Park Polo Club  www.polopictures.co.uk Lawns Midhurst Clive Bennett 20180623 ©2018

“The rules are really simple and well thought out,” said Hurlingham Polo 1875 Captain Jack Richardson. “I loved the hit-ins after the goal because it keeps the game flowing, and from what people said on the sidelines it was entertaining to watch. It was amazing to play on Lawns 1 and there was a really good crowd there.”

Up next, eight of the world’s best players rode onto Lawns 1. Representing Hurlingham Polo 1875 were Facundo Pieres, Pelon Stirling, Gonzalo Pieres and Juan Martin Nero. They took on Cowdray Park, composed of Polito Pieres, Sapo Caset, Hilario Ulloa, and Nico Pieres.

The 10-goalers put on a fantastic spectacle, much to the delight of the viewers, many of whom had never witnessed this level of polo before.

After six full speed chukkas, Cowdray took the win to claim the APPL Eagle trophy.

Busy polo weekend at Cowdray Park

An extremely busy weekend of polo at Cowdray saw the conclusion of three tournaments, the Petworth 12 goal Cup, the 6 goal Jersey Lilies and the 15 goal Bryan Bethell Cup.

 The Petworth 12 goal Final was played between Shane Finemore’s Gardenvale and John Bunn’s Hickstead teams.  Joining Shane FInemore were Boyd Allen (1 goal) playing at 2, 5 goaler matt Perry at 3, and England captain James Beim (7 goals) at Back.  For Hickstead, Ollie Cork (2 goals) played at 2, Niall Donnelly (4 goals) at 3 and Glenn Sherriff (5 goals) at Back making an 11 goal side and a half goal on the scoreboard for Hickstead to start the match.

 In a fast game of open polo, Gardenvale made the most impact throughout  and went two goals in two minutes.  By the close of the first chukka Finemore’s side was 3-1½ ahead.  Their domination continued into the second chukka with a great steal by Perry enabling a super goal by Beim, closely followed by Perry himself running with the ball the length of the field to score his second goal.  Within a minute, off he went again and at half time the score was 6-1½ in Gardenvale’s favour.

Gardenvale v Hickstead in the Petworth 12 Goal Cup Final Polo Match On Ambersham 2 at Cowdray Park Polo Club on Saturday 16 June 2018. www.polopictures.co.uk Ambersham Midhurst Clive Bennett 20180616 ©2018 Clive Bennett Photography 16/06/2018 _CB_9602.CR2

 Chukka 3 saw a neat goal from Cork with no answer from Gardenvale.  The final chukka saw Hickstead pull back two goals but Gardenvale had remained ahead throughout the match with the final score 6-4½ in their favour.  Hannah Johnson presented the Cup to Shane Finemore and prizes to both teams.  The Best Playing Pony prize, sponsored by Mrs Lila Pearson, went to Cincuenta owned and played by Matt Perry.

 Six teams entered the 6 goal Jersey Lilies Cup and Sunday’s Final was a fast-paced open game between Zoe Bucknell’s JP Daeschler Gunmakers and Jella Herzer’s Los Schatzies. 

Los Schatzies went ahead 2-0 during the first chukka and by half time had drawn ahead 3-1. Nice work on the part of Terence Lent and Dorian Bulteau saw J P Daeschler Gunmakers pull up to 3-4 during the third chukka, but determined play by the 5 goal Uruguyan Santi Stirling dominated much of the action through the match.  Harry Muddle scored his second goal for Los Shatzies in the fourth chukka and the final score remained in their favour at 5-4.  Mrs Sallie-Anne Lent presented the Cup and prizes.    

 The Final of the 15 goal Bryan Bethell Cup was played on the River Ground between El Remanso/El Pariaiso and DJ Cats. 

Ollie Cudmore opened the account for El Remanso/El Paraiso with Jake Daniels answering for DJ Cats with two goals in the first chukka.  Good defence prevented any goals for El Remanso/El Pariaiso in the second chukka whilst the patron made a superb run to goal to take his side ahead 3-1. 

Bryan Bethell winners at Cowdray Park Polo Club Photo:www.polopictures.co.uk _CB_3765.CR2

In the second half the scores were 4-4, but DJ Cats went ahead 5-4.  In the final chukka, DJ Cats gave away a penalty to enable Ollie Cudmore to equalize from 30 yards on 5-5.  James Harper retaliated with a super goal to 6-5, then DJ Cats’ lead went  to 7-5.  Once more a penalty was given away enabling El Remanso to pull back a goal but too late to prevent victory for DJ Cats on a final score of 7-6. 

Mrs Annette Bethell presented the trophy in memory of her husband, Bryan Bethell, to a delighted David Turner and prizes to all the players.  The Best Playing Pony award sponsored by Saracen Horse Feeds went to Twitter played by Jake Daniels and owned by Jim Gilmore.

Cowray’s All Pro Polo 40 league match

Cowdray Park Polo Club is expecting considerable interest in the first All Pro Polo League 40 goal match to take place in the UK this coming Saturday, June 23.

With eight of the world’s 10 goal players taking part, Hurlingham Polo 1875  are delighted to be sponsoring a team in each of the two matches taking place in the APPL  event.

Ready for 40 goal polo

In the  40 goal game,  HURLINGHAM 1875  will play in blue shirts against COWDRAY PARK playing in orange.  A ‘Young Guns’ match will see HURLINGHAM 1875 in white playing against KINGS in red.

Gates open at 3.30 pm and entry is just £5 per adult.

First match will be the ‘Young Guns’ battle between the polo stars of the future starting at 4.30 pm.  The APPL 40 goal match will follow.

Presentations will take place from approximately 6.30 pm.  There will be a BBQ available in Cowdray Members’ enclosure and there will be other food options and a bar on the grounds.

Duke of Sutherland Cup polo final

By Liz Higgins

Fifteen teams entered the 2018 Duke of Sutherland Cup, supported by Stephen’s Polo Division, the tournament being one of six HPA competitions played at Cowdray Park as part of the UK’s Victor Ludorum prize.

The Duke of Sutherland Cup was first presented at Cowdray Park in1953, and this season’s spectators enjoyed a thrilling standard of play throughout the tournament.  For the third time, Jonathan Rothermere’s Ferne Park side made it to the Final where they faced Ali Albwardi’s Desert Palm team.

Desert Palm v Ferne Park in the Duke of Sutherland Supported by Stephen’s Polo Division Final Polo Match On Lawns 1 at Cowdray Park Polo Club on Sunday 10 June 2018. www.polopictures.co.uk Lawns Midhurst Clive Bennett 20180610 ©2018 Clive Bennett Photography

Playing for Ferne Park were the Patron’s son, Vere Harmsworth (0 goals) at number 1, Rodrigo Rueda (6 goals) at 2, 7 goaler Joaquin Pittaluga at 3 and Jacinto Crotto (5 goals) at Back.  For Desert Palm, Camilo Castagnola played at 1, Henry Porter at 2, Bartolomé Castagnola at 3, and Martin Valent at Back.  Camilo, 15 years old and already playing off 5 goals, and Bartolomé, 17 years old and a 6 goal player, are the sons of well-known Argentine player ‘Lolo’ Castagnola who many in the Cowdray crowd remember from his days playing in the high goal.

The match opened with a very swift goal from Camilo Castagnola.  Pittaluga responded with an accurate 40 yard penalty shot. At the close of the first chukka the score was level at 2-2.  Chukka 2 opened with a throw-in and the ball taken away by Ferne Park. Pittaluga swiftly shot a fantastic angled ball through the posts to take the lead again for Ferne Park but it wasn’t long before Camilo Castagnola equalized for Desert Palm.  Despite several shots to goal, neither side produced another goal by the chukka’s close.

Desert Palm v Ferne Park in the Duke of Sutherland Supported by Stephen’s Polo Division Final Polo Match On Lawns 1 at Cowdray Park Polo Club on Sunday 10 June 2018. www.polopictures.co.uk Lawns Midhurst Clive Bennett 20180610 ©2018 Clive Bennett Photography 10/06/2018 _CB_4170.CR2

Within a minute of the opening of Chukka 3, Ferne Park were driving towards the goal again, with Desert Palm mounting a strong defence.  Suddenly Vere Harmsworth escaped from the melée and sent a lovely shot through to take his side ahead 4-3.  By then Pittaluga was firmly established in the driving seat and made a succession of goals to send Ferne Park ahead 7-3 by half time.

Chukka 4 opened with the action just as fast and Desert Palm hard in the ride-offs as they tried to defend their goal mouth but, whilst they took every opportunity to turn the ball and find their own route to goal, it was once again Ferne Park who marked the scoreboard with two fine goals from Rodrigo Rueda and a lead of 9-3 at chukka’s end.

Chukka 5 started with a throw-in, Porter stealing the ball from Harmsworth and sending it to Bartolomé Castagnola.  Following behind were Valent and Camilo Castagnola and the team effort enabled Bartolomé to score. Desert Palm won the throw-in but Pittaluga snatched the ball and went racing off.

Porter tried to stop him but the ball went through the posts and Ferne Park were 10-4 ahead.  Valent seized the ball from Crotto at the next throw-in, passed to Camilo Castagnola who made a splendid run to goal pulling a much needed goal back for Desert Palm.

In the next play, again it was Valent who seized the ball and fed it to his team mates to ensure another goal from the stick of the 15 year old Castagnola.  But the gap was too wide for a come-back and the match ended with a convincing win for Ferne Park ending on 10-6.

Sponsor Stephen Biddlecombe presented the historic trophy to Vere Harmsworth and innovative prizes from his Stephen’s Polo Division to all the players.

The prize for Best Playing Pony went to Martin Valent’s Violantera.  A rug was presented on behalf of Polo Times Magazine and Stephen Biddlecombe also presented a bridle to owner Martin Valent and prizes to his groom.

In the subsidiary Final of The Duke of Sutherland Cup Bardon beat VPS Healthcare Sifani 8-6. In the weekend’s other Final, the 8 goal Easebourne Cup, Christian Staubach’s Bamboleo/Madams Farm beat Lila Pearson’s Cowdray Vikings 4-2.

Cowdray Park to host historic polo match

For the first time in polo history, an All Star 40-goal match will be played in England, and Cowdray Park,widely considered the home of British polo, has been chosen as the venue for the event on  June 23.
The APPL first hosted a 40-goal match in Argentina in 2017, and it is the aim of
Javier Tanoira, founder of the league, to see this level of polo played around the
Many 10 goal players have shown their support for the league, including Facundo Pieres, Gonzalito Pieres, Nico Pieres, Polito Pieres, ‘Sapo’ Caset, Hilario Ulloa, Pablo MacDonough, Juan Martin Nero and ‘Pelon’ Stirling. All of these star players have confirmed their commitment to the Cowdray Park match.

40 goal polo  team:Hilario Ulloa, Pablo MacDonough, Nico Pieres, Gonzalo Pieres, Pelon Stirling, Polito Pieres & Juan Martin Nero in the APPL 40-goal match in Argentina, in 2017                   Photo: Sergio Llamera

Roderick Vere Nicoll, Chairman of Cowdray Park Polo Club, said: We are proud to be hosting the first ever APPL 40-goal polo match in the UK. To be the venue for such an exhibition of human and equine skill is a privilege.

“The APPL is trying to speed up the game and make it easier to understand, especially for those who are not familiar with the sport. One of our goals at CPPC is to take polo to a wider audience and show what a fantastic spectacle it truly is.”
“We are very happy to support the league,” added 10-goal superstar Facundo Pieres.
“The APPL has put forward a number of good things that we would do well to implement in polo. I agree with Javier that it should be a parallel league, one that does not compete with patron-based polo and important tournaments.
“The Associations have been taking ideas from the league and trying them out in professional polo. Several have worked well—like the elimination of the throw-in from the boards or shorter timings between fouls and chukkas, as well as the time
you have to take a penalty.”
‘Sapo’ Caset also voiced his enthusiasm for the upcoming event: “I think that hosting a 40-goal exhibition in England is a great idea. Javier has been taking the league all over the world and there is no better way of putting the concept across than by getting the 10-goalers involved.
“We want to get as many people watching as possible so that we can popularise the sport. We all have commitments and it’s not easy to get everyone together, but a 40-goal game in England will be historic.”
Tanoira founded the APPL with the intention of professionalising polo and providing
a pure sporting spectacle for polo fans around the world.
“Matches like these are very important,” he explained. “They not only show that the best players in the world support our project, but that the best clubs in the world are getting
involved, too.
“Cowdray is undoubtedly one of the most important clubs in the
world, and it is wonderful that they are giving us this opportunity. We are going to put on a real spectacle. The Cowdray audience knows a lot about the sport so we are going to do our best to keep them happy.”