Richest horse owners in the world…

NEW research has looked into net worths of horse-owners to reveal who’s the richest in the paddock…
Top 10 Richest Horse Owners

RankOwner NameNet Worth
1Alain Wertheimer£24,714,592,500
1Gerard Wertheimer£24,714,592,500
3Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan£12,906,810,000
4Kirsten Rowsing£10,182,039,000
5Mohammed Bin Rashad Al Maktoum£10,038,630,000
6John Malone£5,372,737,000
7Anthony Oppenheimer£3,656,929,500
8Aiywatt Srivaddhanprabha£2,653,066,500
9Bradley Wayne Hughes£2,220,731,500
10John Magnier£2,212,179,590
10Susan Magnier£2,212,179,590

Two brothers share the top spot on this list with an estimated fortune of just under £25 billion. Alain and Gerard Wertheimer co-own fashion house Chanel and have seen success from champion racehorses such as Kotashaan.

The Weirtheimer brothers Alain and Gerard

The rich list is full of royalty from around the world, with members of the ruling households of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Great Britain and Qatar all featuring.
Top 10 most valuable horses below:

RankHorse NameInflation Adjusted Price
1Fusaichi Pegasus£97,398,384.00
2Shareef Dancer£89,502,732.00
3Seattle Dancer£22,341,463.00
4Snaafi Dancer£18,821,425.00
5Green Monkey£17,756,622.00
6Imperial Falcon£14,583,013.00
10Laa Etaab£11,925,025.00

Top 5 highest paying horse races

RankRace/Race Meeting NameTotal Prize FundCountry
1Saudi Cup£14,379,100.00Saudi Arabia
2Dubai World Cup£8,627,460.00UAE
3The Everest£7,764,714.00Australia
4Royal Ascot£7,300,000.00UK
5Breeders Cup Classic£5,032,685.00USA

The upcoming Cheltenham Festival (starting on Tuesday 16th March) is further down on this list, ranking in 20th position with a total prize fund of £625,000.

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