Controversial horse and rider sculpture to be sold today

At the Pierre hotel in New York City  today, Wednesday October 30,  a cast bronze sculpture entitled ‘Horse and Rider ‘ which some scholars claim is a long lost da Vinci will go under the hammer  at Alan Ettinger’s auction house, Guernsey’s.

Horse and Rider sculpture: Courtesy of Giuseppe Cacace/AFP/ Getty Images 2016

Experts are still are discussing whether the original wax figurine from which “Horse and Rider” was cast from was actually sculpted by Leonardo da Vinci 500 years ago.’s  expert, Katya Kazakina, said the armour depicted on the horse in the figurine could not be from 1400s Milan, which is where Da Vinci’s original sponsor is said to be from.

But Dr. Constance Moffat, who studied under the late renowned Da Vinci scholar, Carlo Pedretti, actually said that Milan did use the archaic armour featured on the horse in the 1400s.  And it was stated in a book written about the sculpture that it absolutely was a Da Vinci.

She also said in an interview with Horse and Rider that it is likely an original Leonardo.

Still, the question remains, is the original wax mould from which this bronze was cast really sculpted by Da Vinci? If so, the only extant bronze sculpture could potentially be worth up to 50 million dollars.

Whether it is a fake or not may never be confirmed, but it will be significant to see how much this sculpture sells for at the auction today, Wednesday October 30.

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