WHW’s tireless work for equines

World Horse Welfare is an international horse charity that improves the lives of horses in the UK and worldwide through education, campaigning and hands-on care of horses.

Since it was founded in 1927, its whole approach has been practical, based on scientific evidence and its own extensive experience – and it is  focused on delivering lasting change across the full spectrum of the horse world.

In the UK, WHW has a dedicated network of Field Officers to investigate and resolve welfare problems, and it runs four Rescue and Rehoming Centres where horses in need can receive specialist care, undergo rehabilitation and find loving new homes through its rehoming scheme – the largest of its kind in the UK.

Bailey, a 12.1hh pony is one example of an equine taken in by the charity. She will make an excellent companion.

Bailey will make an excellent companion pony   Photo: World Horse Welfare

Bailey came to Hall Farm with three other ponies in August 2013 following a successful prosecution.  Bailey gets on well with others in her herd and although she can be bossy, she is not a nasty pony.

She is as bright as a button and very intelligent. Also, she is a curious pony with a keen mind and very quick to learn. She will need a firm handler with a regular and consistent routine to maintain her manners.

Apart from taking in and retraining equines for successful rehoming WHW also works tirelessly to change legislation and attitudes to horse welfare through campaigns and education, including its  campaign to end the suffering endured by the tens of thousands of horses transported long-distance across Europe to slaughter each year.

It supports the responsible use of horses in sport, and is independent welfare adviser to the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) and British Horseracing Authority (BHA).

If you are concerned for the welfare of a horse please call its Welfare Line in confidence  on- 08000 480 180.






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