Club’s last 2018 event attracts bumper entries

Horsham and District Riding Club held their last competition for 2018 -Christmas Dressage with Entertainment, writes Marilyn Turner.  Bumper entries were received for this annual competition that has been running for around 30 years.

Morning classes included Intro to Elementary, and the afternoon featured  “That’s Entertainment,” of freestyle to music in either plain clothes or costume.  Lots of fun was had with amazing music and costumes.

Laura Durkan riding Bella,winner of the Novice Class 3 taken by Hannah Dore of LRG Photography Ltd.

A very big thank you  has gone to Carol Porter for organising it and to the judges, members, friends who helped throughout the day. Special prizes were donated by Jodie and Abi Sole for the best costume, and decorated horse in all classes, while the Ice Trophy for the Best Dressage to Music sponsored be Vanessa Jameson and Sharron Smallridge.

Class 1 Intro   1st, Promise of Spring ,Rea Mitchell, 2nd Wurzel,  Rebecca Halworth (best costume) 3rd Ben, Laura Durkan

Class 2 prelim 14 1st William and Karl Standing; 2nd Jilly and Laura Tullet 3rd Bella and  Laura Durkan, and Miranda Andrews won best costume.

Class 3 Novice :Bella, Laura Durkan 2nd Monister, Karl Standing 3rd Wilfian,  Karl Standing.

Class 4 Elem 1st Yana Anne Kendell   2nd Mista Clover Jayne White

Class 5 Music in Plain Clothes 1st Yana Anne Kendall 2Mista Clover Jayne White 3rd Shakespeares Romeo

Class 5 Single in Costume, 1st Karens Lad Abi Sole (Best costume) 2nd Malleo Anne Viltek 3rd Casper Sheri Parkes

Class 6 Pairs 1st Micheal Malander /Elise Gaylor Hot Spurs Tango ;2nd Tommy   Jane Silcox   Copperfield Ellie Maye Stella Gibbs Best costume.



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