Hickstead is premier venue for Arena Polo

The All England Polo Club at Hickstead was founded in 2006, and is now one of the premier Arena Polo venues in the country. It hosts tournaments throughout the winter season, including the International Arena Polo Test Match each March.

When the club first opened, former Chairman of the HPA Nicholas Colquhoun-Denvers said: “Hickstead has created one of the most modern and impressive arenas in the country. Not only has it hosted very successful international matches but it has worked hard to encourage the young to play.”

USA 10-goaler Tommy Biddle, who came to Hickstead for the first time in 2014, instantly became one of Polo at Hickstead’s biggest supporters: “This is the best surface I have ever played on. Hickstead has the best arena in the world!”

Exciting Arena Polo action at close quarters at Hickstead Photo: John Periam 01243 584718

Founder member Jack Kidd attributes this success to the huge surge in popularity of arena polo in recent years: “In the past ten years the science of arena polo has evolved to create the most passionate, gladiatorial, fast game that I have ever played.”

.A plus point  for arena polo is that it eliminates the need for a large string of ponies. A club member could happily play with two ponies throughout the season.

The Arena Polo Test Match, officially called the Bryan Morrison Trophy, returns to Hickstead each spring.  This is a significant spectator event, ensuring the crowd experiences one of the top highlights of the global winter polo season.

This is an outstanding day out at Hickstead with the chance to enjoy a drink on the clubhouse viewing deck and watch world-class polo action unfolding in the arena below

For more details about the Arena Polo programme see http://www.hickstead.co.uk/polo/

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