Sussex Equine Hospital joins Colic campaign

SUSSEX Equine Hospital has signed up as a ‘Vet REACT Colic Champion.

With colic one of the most common equine emergencies, Sussex Equine Hospital has signed up to become a Vet REACT Colic Champion, as part of the ‘REACT Now to Beat Colic’ campaign.

Launched by The British Horse Society and The University of Nottingham, the campaign and its champion vets are committed to help horse owners combat the life-threatening condition of colic.

Photo: Sussex Equine Hospital

They will be working together to make the best decision for each individual horse – from sharing information with owners about different types of colic and how to recognise the clinical signs.

Research by The University of Nottingham found that more than 90 per cent of horse owners did not feel confident in spotting early signs of colic.

It starts with using the REACT acronym to spot any early signs of colic:
R Restless or agitated
E Eating less or dropping reduced
A Abdominal pain
C Clinical changes
T Tired or lethargic

The Sussex Equine Hospital will be posting more on itsĀ  ‘championship’ status soon. See its Facebook page for details.

And in the meantime, for more information from BHS and to see a list of other champions joining the campaign, click on the links below:



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