Brendon’s successful Children In Need event

Brendon Riding Centre at Pyecombe held a highly successful Showing and Mini Jumping show in aid of Children in Need on Saturday November 18 and Sunday November 19. The event was well supported, as always, and raised more than £2,500 for the charity.

Brendon’s impressive Paris ArenaShowing and Mini Jumping Results Saturday: Marvellous Mare- non lead rein pony- 1 Trixie and Scarlett Poulton; 2 Lizzie Bridey and Bladwin Watt; 3 Peanut and Sophie Moisey-Parry; 4 Goldie and William Dales; 5 Misty and Fleur Gallagher; 6 Dor and Kiya Morley.

Marvellous Mare Lead Rein- 1 St Lucy and Lou Matilda Burnett; 2 Princess and Rosie Crumley; 3 Kentucky Blue Miss Ellie  and Isla  Moisey Parry; 4 Dellas Du Bleau and Florence Humphrey; 6 Cerys and Bertie Harrison.

Gorgeous Gelding and non lead rein rider. 1 St Peter Pan and Maisie Harrison; 2 Kevin and Max Carr; 3 Taboo The Dude and Evita Hine.

Gorgeous Gelding Lead Rein- 1-St Puzzle and Darcey Gilbert; 2 Pip and Jessica Duggan; 3 Gizmo and Teagan Jacob; 4 Chip and Archie Parry; 5 Shaun and Elsie Mae Austin. 6 Sir Howey Karim and Harry Plunkett;

Pony Club Pony and Non Lead Rein Rider:  1 St Fudgie and Poppi Spivey; 2 Black Diamond and Jasmine Chaabane; 3 Goldie and William Dales; 4 Digger and Lottie Adams; 5 Pinky and Izzy Gladwell; 6 Trixie and Scarlett Poulton.

Pony Club Pony- Lead Rein Rider. 1 St Kentucky Blue Miss Ellie and Isla Moisey-Parry; 2 Gizmo and Teagan Jacob; 3 King and Lola Moore; 4 Rave and Roxy Moore; 5 Snowy and Eva Whittome; 6 Lilly and Daisy Scott.

Pony the judge would like to take home- non lead rein- 1 Taboo The Dude and Evita Hine; 2 Shadow and China West; 3 Pinky and Izzy Gladwell; 4 Bungee and Izzie Pollard; 5 Doodles and Faith Shephard; 6 Black Diamond and Jasmine Chaabane.

Pony the judge would like to take home  – lead rein- 1 St Chip and Archie Parry; 2 Lucy Lou and Matilda Burnett; 3 Hammy and Cooper Almeida  ; 4 Goldie and Madeline Rainier; 5 Toffee and Nathan Istead; 6 Shaun and Elsie Mae-Austin

Best Rider Non Lead Rein- 1 St Dinky and Ameilia Duggan; 2 Kentucky Blue and Miss Ellie Sophie Moisey-Parry; 3 Charlie and Esme Oliver; 4 Bungee and Izi Pollard; 5 Black Diamond and Jasmine Chaabane.





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