Riding Club’s success

West Sussex Riding Club (WSRC) is associated to British Riding Clubs and provides an ideal place for horse riders in the West Sussex area to further their training, compete regularly and enjoy their riding.

The Club has been established for a long time and has a variety of members from different backgrounds from single horse owners to professional riders.

WSRC offers many events throughout the year in all sorts of disciplines such as cross country, show jumping and dressage, as well as its annual show.

There are both senior and junior sections which can compete to qualify for the annual championships – from Club, Area and National levels.


Its popular Winter Dressage series has begun at Boxgrove and results on September 22 2018 were: Class 1-1a: 1 Di Collins and Rubie 67.17; 2 Tina Merritt and Regal Dancer 63.04;  3 Tabitha McCaskie and Hector 59.34; 4 Michelle Robinson and Spartacus 52.82. 1b 1, Anna Tuck and Rayning Diamond 60.43.

Class 2a- 1 Lexi Solaja and Dragonfly Six  66.84; 2 Sonya Smith and Village Beauty 62.10; 3 Chloe Fairston and The Dancing Dun 59.47; 4 Tabitha McCaskie and Hector  53.52 Michelle Robinson and Spartacus, 53.15.

Class 3- 1 Charlotte Tarrant and Silken Eve 3 68.27; 2 Amanda Bazley and Alfie Moon, 3 66.89; 3 Lexi Solaja and Dragonfly Six 3 63.79; 4 Sarah Parkes and Choc a Bloc 3 62.06.

Class 4/5- 1 Edna Petter and Harry 4&5 64.64; 2 Dawn Wattis and Bowerbrook Belle, 4&5 57.17.

Class 5 PYO- 1 Paula Broadhurst and Magyar Sotet Lovag  5 67.50; 2 Paula Broadhurst and Magyar Sotet Lovag, 5 65.97; 3 Carolyne Allen and Harristown Bear 5 62.50 3; 4 Elaine Whitcomb Trenwheel and Bonnie, 62.50. 5 Dawn Wattis and Bowerbrook Belle, 5 61.50; 6 Val Hall and Sway Molly Moon 5 59.32.



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