Moorcroft demonstration of long-reined and ridden horses

A demonstration of long-reined and ridden horses takes place at Moorcroft Racehorse Welfare Centre at Huntingrove Stud, Slinfold, West Sussex on Saturday September 1.

The centre has an outstanding reputation for its immense success in retraining ex-racehorses so that they can have a bright future when they leave racing- going on to lead fulfilling lives in new, caring homes outside the sport.

The event starts at 10.30am and refreshments will be available. Book your place now, at £12.50 per person by contacting manager Mary Frances on 07929 666408 or email

Some of the horses currently receiving expert retraining at the centre include Don’t Stare, Irving, and Zigger Zagger.

Don’t Stare, born in 2010, is a bay gelding who arrived at Moorcroft after he had keyhole surgery for painful kissing spines that had stopped him racing. He is currently enjoying his schooling.

Irving is relaxed and enjoying his retraining
Photo: Mark Beaumont

Irving, born in 2008, arrived at the centre in February this year. He too had keyhole surgery for kissing spines and is being given expert help with other issues.

A third horse enjoying his time at the centre is bay gelding  Zigger Zagger, born in 2009 and previously trained by Richard Rowe.

Zigger Zagger is retraining well for a life outside racing
Photo: Mark Beaumont

Mary said: ” Zigger Zagger is loving his time here and will give someone a really good time as a very safe hack and he is a horse that loves to school. He is good looking, strong and resilient with much to give.”

Don’t forget to get tickets for Moorcroft’s annual charity raceday at Plumpton on Monday October 22. It is this worthy charity’s most important annual fundraising event and this year it is hoped to exceed last year’s record sum raised for charity.

For more information on tickets ring Allison at Plumpton on 01273 890383 or Mary at Moorcroft on 07920 666408 for information about events and essential fundraising work for this centre of excellence.


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