Successful Ride Safe event

A  successful Ride Safe event was held by Horsham and District Riding Club at Brinsbury College recently in conjunction with Alan Hiscox , who is the British Horse Society Director of Safety.

Alan has 26 years of experience as a Mounted Police Officer, and he gave a talk and video presentation about safety for riders.

He spoke of his work of corresponding with the Department of Transport, Off Roaders, Cyclists and   Driving Instructors.

Alan Hiscox explaining to a rider about riding safely.

He stressed that it is a rider’s responsibility to make themself be seen and also to know the highway code.

This was followed by a demonstration involving  Tim Briers, British Horse Society’s Riding & Road Safety Assessor and Trainer, who used three riders to demonstrate the update on the Road safety Code.

This included correct hand signals on the road, warning drivers there is something ahead your horse does not like, riding alone, problems of vehicles driving too fast or too close .

Two riders under instruction with their horses at the event

In addition he emphasised awareness of noises, including drones and low flying aircraft.

He answered many interesting questions following his talk and both Alan and Tim answered many interesting questions and at the end .

Both Alan and Tim stressed how important it  was to report any accident, incident, near-miss,  and abusiveness -even if no one was hurt-  to the British Horse Society and/ or Police.

Tim advised horse riders to obtain a Ride Safe handbook from the British Horse, saying it was full of useful information which would help people to ride safely and enjoy themselves.

The event had been held at half-term so that younger riders could benefit from the useful advise- but organisers were understandably disappointed that none attended.

The session had been scheduled so they could benefit from the event,  to enable them to take on board advice on how to stay safe in the future.

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