Doris and Teddy set for Olympia

With less than a month to go until Olympia, the London International Horse Show, the event’s official charity, Hannah’s Willberry Wonder Pony, sent their two favourite live mascots, miniature ponies Doris and Teddy, to London for the first time ever to help the Mounted Branch of Metropolitan Police (MPS) on patrol.

Stepping on to the Mall, one of London’s most iconic locations, Doris and Teddy lined up with Police horses 10 times their height, Merlin and Quixote, who will be taking part at Olympia as part of the MPS Police Activity Ride. Despite the noticeable size difference, the tiny Shetlands just about kept up as the steady Police horses took them under their wing as they walked side-by-side towards Buckingham Palace.

Metropolitan Police (MPS) Horses, Merlin and Quixote, were joined on patrol in central London by some special helpers, Doris and Teddy, ahead of their appearances at Olympia

 Teddy the Shetlands’ owner, Alice Goring, also the charity Scientific Advisor, spoke of the occasion “This is the first time Teddy and Doris have been to central London, so it is great they could familiarise themselves before Olympia Horse Show starts in December. Doris was Hannah’s own Shetland and meant the world to her.

“I am not sure they are quite ready to join the Police Force yet, they only have little legs, so it would take them a long time to get around all the streets of London! But we are so grateful to Inspector Simon Rooke for letting them be part of his incredible team for a morning and helping to raise awareness for Hannah’s legacy.”

Inspector Rooke commented, “We were really pleased to welcome Doris and Teddy to the team this morning. They might not be the usual type of horse we have on patrol, but they certainly added something different! The Metropolitan Police Activity Ride are extremely proud to be performing in front of the wonderful crowds at Olympia this year.

“The show gives us an opportunity to demonstrate the extraordinary bravery of our horses and the unique bond of trust they have with our officers. The horses that will be performing at Olympia, including Merlin and Quixote, are all operational and patrol the streets of London daily.”


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