BHS offers riding adventures overseas

Since the launch of the first British Horse Society fundraising riding challenge in 2000, hundreds of riders have taken part in an adventure overseas.

The ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ riding challenge opened the door for our intrepid challengers to travel the world in aid of British Horse Society welfare. The challenges now operate in Bulgaria, Chile, Iceland, Morocco, Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, India, Jordan, Peru and Lesotho. There is a trip to inspire everyone, each offering a unique experience no matter where you ride.

These challenges really do put the fun in fundraising but as well as enjoying a life-changing trip, all of the riders raise money that is vital in continuing the BHS’s outstanding welfare work welfare work.

BHS adventure in Chile

Without the aid of dedicated challengers, its nationwide network of welfare officers would not be able to help anywhere near as many horses as they do. The British Horse Society has more than 200 equine specialist welfare officers, more than any other charity, and together they improve the lives of countless horses, ponies and donkeys in every corner of the UK.

But if you do have any questions or simply want to know more please contact BHS Challenge Ride Organiser, Wendy Minor, via email at or call her on 02476 840572.

So if you want to show your support for British horses, saddle up!  BHS guarantees you will not regret it when your reward is one of our challenge rides – and knowing you have contributed to the welfare of every horse in the UK.

2017 will feature Chile to Argentina-Patagonian Andes ride with the date to be confirmed.

Horse riding in the Andes
Photo: Jackson Smith

2018 has Peru, The Inca Ride from May 25-June 9 and Naminia-Damara Elephant Safari, May 25-June 9.These are followed by The Viking Ride, July 28-August 5 and Mongolia Horse Trek from August 19-31.

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