WHW Victor has happy new life

In February 2016, a group of five ponies were rescued from appalling conditions in Derbyshire where they were being kept in dark, damp shipping containers with no fresh food or water. Victor was only a young foal at the time and was discovered cramped in a plastic container with his mother and one other pony, all underweight and suffering lice infestations.

Thanks to the care of World Horse Welfare’s Penny Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre, both Victor and his mother made a great recovery and Victor has since found a loving new home with Beth and her husband, Rupert in Ormskirk.


Victor in situ

Victor (pictured, middle) as he was found.

Victor’s rehomer, Beth, said: “From the moment Victor arrived at our home he created an affinity with my husband Rupert. They forged an immediate connection and Victor follows Rupert around whatever he is doing. Despite a very poor start in life, Victor has not lost his trust in people, no doubt helped by the amazing staff at Penny Farm.

“Victor loves to be out in the paddock with his equine friend Joe but once Rupert appears he trots behind him wherever he goes. It is delightful to watch and is a sure sign that Victor is happy and secure in his new life with us.

“Victor is such a character and has settled into a very happy life here as you can see and is such a cheeky monkey! We recently taught him to wear a bit and have started leading him out around the lanes which he loves, although he is a bit wary of cyclists but is slowly learning that they don’t bite!

“We have recently been practicing him wearing a rug ready for winter which he likes to remove with his teeth! He’s so naughty but we love him to bits!”

September marks World Horse Welfare’s annual Rehome a Horse Month, a month of activity aimed at highlighting the benefits of rehoming, sharing just some of the amazing stories of rehomers around the country and raising awareness of the many horses and ponies still looking for a home. Each year, World Horse Welfare rehomes around 300 horses and ponies with over 1,800 currently out in loving homes around the UK.

World Horse Welfare Deputy Chief Executive, Tony Tyler, said:“Rehome a Horse Month is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the many reasons why rehoming should always be the go-to option for anyone looking for a new horse or pony. Not only can you be guaranteed of complete honesty and transparency, but you also receive the support and back up of the World Horse Welfare team, plus the safety net that the horse or pony can be returned to our care at any time should your circumstances change.”

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