RDA carriage driving day

Carriage Drivers from across the Riding for the Disabled’s South East Region were out in force for the annual show at Felbridge Show Ground, East Grinstead drawing competitors from across Surrey, Sussex and Kent who went head to head in the three disciplines of dressage, driving through a course of cones and showing. 

The day started with Tim Cook from Kipling County RDA (Chalvington, East Sussex) winning the Condition and Turnout with Smokie, while Lorraine Mercer from Heron’s Ghyll (Whitesmith, East Sussex) won the Assisted Whip Class driving Charlie. Sandra Spinner of Cherry Park RDA (Chichester, West Sussex) was brought in first for the Novice Whip driving Jim and the showing classes ended with the Open which was won by Ellen Chapman from Cherry Park RDA also driving Jim.

Jane Alan competing in the dressage Photo:  Amanda Jane Smith Photography

Prizes for the Showing were presented by Alan Culverhouse, Master Wheelwright of the Worshipful Company of Wheelwrights who were the day’s sponsors.

“As wheelwrights we’re interested in all things to do with mobility – and carriage driving definitely gives a freedom to these drivers who might not always feel it” he said. “Today has been very humbling and I’ve been so impressed by what these competitors have been able to achieve!”

In the dressage, Jim of Cherry Park scored a hat-trick with another win in the Novice being driven by Barbara Westbury while the Open went to Liz Jarvis driving Teddy of Woodchurch RDA (Ashford, Kent).

Barbara Westbury drives Jim from Cherry Park to first place in the Open Dressage
Photo Amanda Jane Smith Photography

Liz Jarvis of Woodchurch had her second win of the day with Teddy in the Novice Cones. In the Open Cones there was great excitement as Vianne Carr driving Lottie from Heron’s Ghyll pipped Beth Allsopp and Alan from Kipling County to first place.

Alan from Kipling County was judged as the day’s most ‘Workmanlike’ horse and won a special trophy that was donated by the Heron’s Ghyll group in memory of Gillian Maitland while David Botting from Stella Hancock RDA (Worplesdon, Surrey) driving ‘B’ won the Stanley Bellamy trophy for the highest place horse in the Open Driving. Heron’s Ghyll won the shield for the group winning most points for the second year running.

“My thanks have to go to the wonderful work of the teams behind the competitors, who are tireless in their time and support as well as our sponsors, The Worshipful Society of Wheelwrights” said the Show’s organiser, Carol Porter.

Results:  Class 1 Open Dressage- 1 Barbara Westbury and Jim ( Cherry Park); 2 Tracey Spencer and Nutmeng ( Heron’s Ghyll); 3 Vianne Carr with Lottie ( Heron’s Ghyll), 4 Karen Tritton and Nutmeg ( Heron’s Ghyll)

Class 1 Novice Dressage- 1 Liz Jarvis and Teddy ( Woodchurch); 2 Neil Simmons and Winston ( Woodchurch); 3 Liam Wright and George ( Woodchurch); 4 Mitz Baldock and Buttons ( Heron’s Ghyll)

Class 2 Condition and Turnout- 1 Tim Cook and Smokey ( Kopling Country); 2 Laura Marshall and Moses ( Stella Hancock).

Class 3 Assisted Whip Class- 1 Lorraine Mercer and  Charlie ( Heron’s Ghyll; 2 Mike Fowler and Eddie ( Stella Hancock); 3 Norman Watson and Misty ( Happy Landings); 4 Gordon Divall and Bertie Bassett ( Hderon’s Ghyll).

Novice Whip- 1 Sandra Spinner and Jim ( Cherry Park); 2 Shelley Redshaw and Charlie ( Heron’s Ghyll); 3 Gay Williams and Dennis ( Kipling County); 4 Lisa Disborough and Maisie ( Stella Hancock).

Class 5 Open Driving- 1 Ellen Chapman and Jim ( Cherry Park); 2 David Botting and ‘B’ ( Stella Hancock); 3 Linda Redmond and Tookie ( Stella Hancock).

Open Cone Driving Competition- 1 Vianne Carr and Lottie ( Heron’s Ghyll); 2 Beth Allsopp and Alan, Kipling County; 3 David Botting and ‘B’ ( Stella Hancock); 4 Tracey Spencer and Nutmeg ( Heron’s Ghyll).

Class 6 Novice Cone Driving- 1 Liz Jarvis and Teddy ( Woodchurch); 2 Trevor Edwards and Misty (Happy Landings); 3 Greg Cooper and Button ( Heron’s Ghyll);Joint 4, Gay Williams and Dennis ( Kipling County) and Mitz Baldock and Eddie ( Stella Hancock).

Little John Trophy for most workmanlike pony- Alan of Kipling County. Shield for group with most points- Heron’s Ghyll.

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