Petworth 12 Goal Cup final

The Final of the Petworth 12 goal Cup at the weekend saw a tough encounter between two local rivals, Cowdray Vikings and Emlor C. Playing alongside Lila Pearson in her Cowdray Viking side were Byron Watson (3 goals) at 2, Gaston Laulhe (6 goals) at 3 and Ed Hitchman (4 goals) at Back. Laura Ormerod’s Emlor C featured the patron at 1, Jose Ramon Araya (2 goals) at 2, Jack Richardson (6 goals) at 3 and Henry Fisher (4 goals) at Back, making two very evenly matched teams.

In a busy first chukka, Cowdray Vikings were first to score with a 60 yard penalty accurately taken by Ed Hitchman. Jack Richardson followed up with two good field goals and Byron Watson equalized at 2-2  and following intense action Cowdray Vikings took a lead of 4-2 at half time, writes Liz Higgins

By the end of chukka 4 with the score on 4-4. The match went into an extra chukka but with no quick-fire solution. The teams battled on for a further five minutes, the pace so intense that Watson made a poor defensive move and was given a yellow card and a penalty 30 yard awarded to Emlor C. Fisher sent the ball between the posts and Emlor C had won the Petworth 12 goal on a score of 5-4.

From an entry of six teams, Peter Barfoot’s Maiz Dulce and Andrew Swaffield’s Alcedo met in the Final of the 6 goal Jersey Lilies Cup. Millie Cooper has taken the place of Peter Barfoot, still out through injury, in the 2017 season and was joined by Mtt Pitts (2 goals) playing at number 2, Jack Berner (3 goals) at 3 and Derreck Bratley (3 goals) at Back. With Andrew Swaffield at number 1, Daniel Batchelor (-1) played at 2, Nick Clague (3 goals) at 3 and Bauti Sorzana (5 goals) at Back.

Bryan Bethell winners Rosario   Photo: Clive Bennett 20170611

Young Daniel Batchelor was first to score for Alcedo and by half time the team was 4-0 ahead. Maiz Dulce pulled up with three goals in chukka 3, answered by a 60 yard penalty from Sorzana giving Alcedo a lead of 5-3 . A determined effort by Maiz Dulce in the final chukka saw two good goals from Matt Pitts and a 60 yard penalty by Derreck Bratley nail a victory for Barfoot’s side on a final score of 6-5.

The 15 goal Bryan Bethell Cup, open to Cowdray and non-Cowdray teams, saw an entry of six teams including King Power and El Remanso but it was Dr Badr-El-Din’s Golden Falcons and Alejandro Peñafiel’s Rosario which made it through to the Final.

Golden Falcons took a 6-4 lead to close chukka 2. Chukka 3 saw excellent play by Hernan Muzzio, his first goal coming within seconds of the start. His brother Alejandro contributed another and Hernan’s next was the third goal of the chukka before the first whistle of the match was blown.

Awarded a 60 yard penalty, James Beim lofted a straight ball between the posts to even the score at 7-7 .Alejandro Muzzio later re-claimed the ball and sent it forward to his brother, who made another Rosario goal look easy. The score moved on to 8-7 in Rosario’s favour.

Later the goals all went in favour of Rosario with Alejandro and Hernan Muzzio tying up the match between them making three goals and ending with a victory for Rosario on 13-10.

Mrs Annette Bethell presented the Bryan Bethell Cup, donated to the club in memory of her husband Bryan, father of Cowdray Park Polo Club’s Polo Manager Chris Bethell, to a delighted Alejandro Peñafiel.


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