Gate lock prevents break-in

A Petworth landowner has praised the robustness of Zedlock gate locks following an unsuccessful break-in attempt on estate land.

A Zedlock was fitted to the gate, which protects an area of forest just outside the town, in 2014, after a number of raves were held illegally in the woods. Neil Humphris, the Head Forester of Leconfield Estates, specified Zedlocks on a number of gates where padlocks had previously been fitted.

The scene that greeted forestry workers on arriving for work

The scene that greeted forestry workers on arriving for work

He explained:‘On a number of occasions padlocks were cut off and thrown away before the rave organisers moved in.  Because there was no evidence that property had been damaged to gain entry, stopping and clearing the rave was much more difficult.  Zedlocks are far more difficult to break and very easy to use, don’t rust and jam and you can have them all keyed-alike.’

On this occasion a vehicle, probably a 4×4, was used to attempt the break-in.  Despite the fact that the gate and gate posts were wrecked during the attempt, the Zedlock held firm, keeping the would-be trespassers out.

Also, the Zedlock was still operational and when forestry workers arrived the following morning, they were able to unlock it.

Zedlock was still operational when workers arrived

Zedlock was still operational when workers arrived

Chris Boddington, of CB Forestry, said: “Clearly those responsible had repeatedly snatched at the gate with a rope or chain in attempts to gain access, and both gate posts were pulled over by more than 45 degrees.

“But we were able to unlock the Zedlock to gain access, though opening the gate was a two-man job because it was so bent.  I’m certainly impressed with the durability of the Zedlock.”

The access is now protected by a new, heavy duty gate, fitted with a Zedlock.

Zedlock was started in 2011 and is based in Petworth, West Sussex.  Managing Director, Bruce Robertson, originally designed the Zedlock (Patent No. GB2489293) as a secure and practical alternative to a padlock and chain.

Since its introduction, further models and a range of accessories have been developed to widen the application of the lock.  Its gate locks are available to suit the majority of metal and wooden gate and are distributed by Birkdale Sales, a manufacturer of wholesale ironmongery and gate hardwear.

It serves over 3,500 outlets in the UK and Ireland. The full range of locks is also available locally direct from Zedlock.   Zedlock Limited, Unit 5, Old Station Yard, Station Road, Petworth, West Sussex, GU28 0JF.  +44(0)1798 342251

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