Man’s lifetime ban on keeping equines

A 25 year old man from South Yorkshire has been handed an 18-week custodial sentence and a lifetime ban on keeping equines after a group of ponies was removed from his care last winter.

World Horse Welfare was called to a youngster in distress and Field Officer Sarah Tucker attended as a matter of urgency, finding the 6 month old foal collapsed. With the assistance of the RSPCA, Bransby Horses, a vet and the Police, the foal and two other ponies were removed from the field under the Animal Welfare Act (2006).

One of the equines in the Grpve Case Photo: World Horse Welfare

The six-month-old foal rescued in the Grove Case Photo: World Horse Welfare

Matthew Groves from Howbeck Drive, Edlington failed to comply with a Warning Notice issued by the RSPCA over the remaining two ponies regarding provision of a suitable diet and so in early January they were also legally removed due to their deteriorating condition.

Sarah Tucker says: “I can only describe the scene I faced last December as tragic. The collapsed foal had clearly been in a distressed state for some time. Because he was so weak we decided World Horse Welfare’s closest Rescue and Rehoming Centre was too much of a journey for this urgent case, so we worked with Bransby Horses to take them to the safety of their Lincoln centre.”

She continues: “It was a relief to be able to remove the horses; however despite vet Lynn Mabbit’s best efforts to save the colt foal, very sadly he died shortly after he was rescued.  The sentence reflected the severity of this case and it is reassuring to know that Mr Groves will no longer be permitted to keep horses.”

As well as the custodial sentence and lifetime ban, Mansfield Magistrates Court ordered that Mr Groves pay £750 costs and £80 victim surcharge.

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