Safeguarding horses’ futures in wills

World Horse Welfare runs a unique scheme where owners can leave their horses to the charity in their Will, safeguarding their future. The scheme began in 1990 and has more than 800 horse owners who have registered their equines with the charity and left a financial gift to provide for their care.

Horses gifted to World Horse Welfare in a Will are found loving new homes through the charity’s rehoming scheme where they can bring joy and friendship to another family or individual, but as with all horses on the scheme, they remain the property of World Horse Welfare for life giving them a secure future.

World Horse Welfare Chief Field Officer, Claire Gordon, said:“In my role at World Horse Welfare, I see both extremes of horse welfare. Whilst I have first-hand experience of great suffering, I am also privileged to share in the acts of great compassion and empathy shown by those who leave their horses to us in their Will.

World Horse Welfare officer Clare Gordon

World Horse Welfare officer Claire Gordon

” I remember each and every one of the lucky horses whose owners loved and cared for them so much that they saw their responsibilities to their horse’s welfare reaching beyond their lifetime.  Each wanted peace of mind that their beloved horse would be well cared for in the event that tragedy should strike.

“Meeting these owners and hearing about their horse’s likes and dislikes, their foibles and routines is a privilege and an honour.   I don’t meet all the horses bequeathed to us in Wills before the owner has passed but occasionally circumstances arise where it is requested.

“One lady became terminally ill and with only a few weeks to live couldn’t manage to care for her horse so asked that he came in early to us.  She showed great courage and strength by putting his needs ahead of her own.

“Whilst I know that it was very hard for her to let him go at a time in life when his companionship was so important to her, it was tempered by knowing that he would be safe in our care for the rest of his life and this is a promise that every World Horse Welfare horse can be assured of.

“Along with my fellow field officers, we vet all future potential homes and then continue to visit the horses in these homes for the rest of their lives.   It makes it easy for me to reassure people that their horse will be well cared for because it is my job to ensure they are.”

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