Please support 100-mile horseback charity ride

THREE women and their horses are to go from Beachy Head, Eastbourne and to Winchester water meadows, covering the 100 miles over six days to raise money to fund art projects with young refugees.

Two of them will be riding their horses and one will be driving a horse and cart decorated with banners and flags of the organisations involved. Proceeds will help to bring art to young refugees in the UK and camps around Europe.

The journery starts on July 25 and they will reach Winchester on August 1.

Rose Illingworth will partner  her  horse Jasper, a 15.3hh ten-year-old cob X which she has been riding since he was four, but recently taken on as her own. Jasper is now joining her with her fundraising projects for Art For Action.

Toasting to a successful charity ride: Left Jojo, with Caroline, Mary in centre and Rose with Jasper

Rose said:” I have ridden in almost all the countries I have travelled to throughout the world, including the famous Drankensburg mountains in South Africa, Lesotho and their famous mountain climbing ponies ,and trekking across Mexico.

Caroline Becker will be riding her five- year-old cob Jojo. Caroline has recently rediscovered her love of horses, and her enthusiasm for the ride has not been diminished by a recent horse riding accident. She is still determined to take up the challenge.
Mary Walker and Buddy, a black and white cob, will be pulling the cart 100 miles to Winchester carrying supplies, camping equipment and decorated with banners and flags. Mary, and her partner Andy Mather have done many community events in Brighton giving horse and cart rides, and promoting community projects.
They have worked with Arka funeral directors taking people on there last journey to several of the local cemeteries.  They  are in their fourth year working with the GreenCentre, providing a ‘rag n bone’ service in Whitehawk.
Mary rode the South Downs Way last year so she and her horse Buddy are an important part of this  venture to raise money for Art For Action project to help young refugees in the UK and Europe.
Art For Action is an international community arts organisation that uses art as a means of spreading awareness and creating positivity among marginalised communities and vulnerable parts of society.
Rose explained: “We use art workshops and run street art projects to give a much needed voice to cultural minorities, communities facing human rights violations and people who have experienced trauma through war. Art For Action has so far worked in Iraq and Calais refugee camps, Colombian slums, Sri Lankan safe houses,  with bedouins in Mount Sinai, and in West and East African schools and street kids refuges.”
Art for Action uses art as a means of spreading awareness and creating positivity among marginalised communitiees and vulnerable parts of society.

Please support this fundraising ride by donating at   and click on contact and donate on top bar.

WHW’s Supreme Rehomed Horse of Year

ANYONE in the country who has rehomed an equine has been invited to enter their success story in charity World Horse Welfare’s annual competition to recognise the achievements of both horses and rehomers.  There are three categories in the competition, which intends to showcase how rewarding rehoming can be- and results in a Supreme Championship.

The 2016 Supreme Champion award in the Rehomed Horse of the Year 2016 competition has gone to Capuccino, who was rehomed two years ago thanks to the Tweedale family, after being found emaciated and almost too weak to stand.

World Horse Welfare, Field Officer, Jeff Herrington was called to a welfare concern near Exeter in 2010 where he discovered over 100 horses on the same site struggling to survive on very little food and water. All of the horses were examined by a vet and due to his very weak state Cappuccino was immediately removed to the safety of World Horse Welfare’s Glenda Spooner Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre.

Cappuccino with Ruth Ridley, Ruby Ridley and Susan Ridley (L-R) Photot: World Horse Welfare

Cappuccino with Ruth Ridley, Ruby Ridley and Susan Ridley (L-R) Photo: World Horse Welfare

Only three years old when he was found, Cappuccino’s fighting spirit and the dedication of World Horse Welfare’s experienced team helped him to make a full recovery and he was soon ready to begin work. Peebles-resident, Susan Ridley wanted to rehome a horse and originally made the long journey to Glenda Spooner Farm with her daughters, Ruby, Amy and Ruth to see another pony, Windscott Wendy.

Cappuccino was at the time ready for rehoming and the family instantly fell in love with him so once all the home checks had been completed, Cappuccino and Wendy set off for their new life in the Scottish Borders.

Susan said: “Cappy (Cappuccino) was quite early in his education when we took him on but he has progressed amazingly well since we got him and only ever seeks to do his best for us. At the same time as learning himself, he has taught both of my children Ruth aged 13 years and Ruby aged 9 years to ride.

Cappuccino when he was found : Photo World Horse Welfare

Cappuccino when he was found,, emaciated and starving : Photo World Horse Welfare

“He loves the attention they give him and has always been absolutely faultless with both of them, never putting a foot wrong and taking care of them. Ruth has grown in confidence to ride him unaided and has even begun jumping him now whilst Ruby, who looks like a pea on a mountain on him, rides unaided with me walking alongside.

“Although the last year has been traumatic for us all, Cappy has helped me rediscover my love of riding and given us all so much joy that is it hard to imagine life without him. He is such a character and we love watching him play with his field mate, Wendy. He is a real treasure.”

Ruby Ridley, aged 9 years old, also wrote part of Cappuccino’s award entry. She said:“Cappuccino is a fun and loving horse. After his horrific past, he is still a strong and incredibly gifted horse in every way. Cappuccino always behaves himself when I am riding and is a true gentleman. He loves cantering and bucking in the field when he is very happy and loves to play tug of war with Wendy using tree branches. We have a very bright future for Cappy and we’re so lucky to have him.”

Rehomed Horse of the Year is an annual competition which invites World Horse Welfare’s 1,700 rehomers to enter their rehomed horses and ponies into one of three categories, recognises not only the achievements of the horses and their rehomers but also showcases just how rewarding rehoming can be.

Rehome a Horse Month 2016, supported by Dodson & Horrell, shines a light on the horses and ponies who are looking for homes but also celebrates the amazing stories of the 1,700 World Horse Welfare horses and ponies currently out in homes around the country from those competing at eventing, dressage, vaulting and showjumping to pleasure driving, hacking, side-saddle and those who provide faithful friendship to their rehomers and equine companions. World Horse Welfare marked another record-breaking year for rehoming in 2015, with 320 horses and ponies finding loving new homes across the country.

You can find out more about rehoming at:

Exciting polo finals at Cowdray

In a brand new slot within the Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup for the British Open Polo Championship, the impressive Ashton Cup, presented to Cowdray Park Polo Club by the Ashton family from Australia 25 years ago, was played for on Saturday.

Local patron Nick Clarke’s Clarke & Green team, which includes former England captain Luke Tomlinson, New Zealander John Paul Clarkin and Argentine Juan Zavaleta, all playing off 7 goals, faced Ben Solemani’s RH team of 9 goal players Nico Pieres and Rodrigo Andrade alongside Alastair Paterson (4 goals), in a Group B/C match.

Action in the Cowdray Vikings v Murus Sanctus in a Jaeger LeCoultre Gold Cup Polo Match for the Midhurst Town Cup played on Lawns 1 at Cowdray Park Polo Club on Sunday 26 June 2016 . Lawns Midhurst 20160626 ©2016 Clive Bennett Photography

Action in the Cowdray Vikings v Murus Sanctus in match for the Midhurst Town Cup  Copyright Clive Bennett Photography 20160626


At 7-7, the match went into a seventh chukka. John Paul Clarkin won the ball from the throw-in and sent an amazing ball over the heads of his opponents to score the golden goal which won the match 8-7 for Clarke & Green. Mrs Betsy Graham presented the huge silver Ashton Cup to a delighted Nick Clarke.

The second match of the afternoon was between French patron Edouard Carmignac’s Talandracas team and Sir Charles Williams’ Apes Hill again in Group B/C. Apes Hill had a 5-4 lead after four chukkas, extending it to 8-5.

In chukka 6 Eduardo Novillo-Astrada made a lovely field goal for Apes Hill to take the score on to 9-5, Polito Pieres made the final goal of the match but it was too late to avoid defeat and the final score was 9-6 in Apes Hill’s favour.

Cowdray Vikings v Murus Sanctus in a Jaeger LeCoultre Gold Cup Polo Match for the Midhurst Town Cup Clive Bennett 20160626 ©2016 Clive Bennett Photography

Best :Polo Pony in Cowdray Vikings v Murus Sanctus match-Pingou, owned  by Corinne Ruichard and played by Facundo Sola  Photo Copyright Clive Bennett Photography  20160626

On Sunday, a hard fought high-scoring Group B/C match between Jean Francois Decaux’s La Bamba de Areco and the Pailloncy brothers’ HB Polo saw 21 goals on the scoreboard with an impressive five goals each from Christian ‘Magoo’ Laprida and Diego Cavanagh for La Bamba de Areco.

Meanwhile HB Polo shared out the honours with goals coming from each team member including the two patrons Ludovic and Sebastian Pailloncy. Scores were level at half time on 3-3 and chukka 4 saw the score at 5-5 before a deft shot from co-patron Sebastian Pailloncy took HB Polo on to 6-5.

With the score subsequently 10-10, an extra chukka saw the teams battle on, first the ball was with La Bamba de Areco, the action turned to HB Polo, back it went to La Bamba until Stirling stole the ball away from Jean-Francois Decaux, passed it to Toccalino, picked it up again and then passed to Toccalino who made a fantastically angled shot to goal for an 11-10 victory to HB Polo.

Cowdray Vikings v Murus Sanctus in a Jaeger LeCoultre Gold Cup Polo Match for the Midhurst Town Cup played on Lawns 1 at Cowdray Park Polo Club on Sunday 26 June 2016 . Lawns Midhurst Clive Bennett 20160626 ©2016 Clive Bennett Photography 26/06/2016 _CB_6164.CR2

Winners of Midhurst Town Cup, Cowdray V ikings  Copyright  Clive Bennett  Photography 20160626

The fourth Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup match of the weekend was played for the Midhurst Town Cup between George Pearson’s Cowdray Vikings and Corinne Ricard’s Murus Sanctus.  After plenty of exciting action, Cowdray Vikings went into half time 5-4 ahead. move the score on to 7-4 to Cowdray Vikings. A 30 yard penalty enabled Sola to pull one back for Murus Sanctus but while Elizalde was concentrating on blocking Richardson, Novillo Astrada ran off with the ball right between the posts to finish chukka 4 with Cowdray Vikings 8-5 ahead.

With Cowdray Vikings leading at 10-6, Murus Sanctus had three good goals from 9 goaler Alfredo Sanctus in five minutes to make it close at 10-9. But the home team managed to prevent any further goals from their opposition in this tightly fought and thrilling match which Cowdray Vikings won 10-9.

The Midhurst Town Cup and prizes were presented by Mrs Mariya Burton of luxury leather goods company Aspinal of London; Pingou, owned by Corinne Richard and played by Facundo Sola was presented with the award for Best Playing Pony by Lila Pearson.

William Whitaker wins Hickstead Derby

WILLIAM Whitaker became the third member of his family to win the Derby at Hickstead yedterday. He was the only rider who left all the fences standing to win the prestigious event.

Riding the aptly-named Glenavadra Brilliant, William rode an assured clear to finish just over the optimum time allowed of 180sec to collect one time fault. Having finished third with this horse in 2014 and second in 2015, William was obviously on a countdown to victory in this class and he duly delivered.

William (26) is originally from Huddersfield but now lives in Belgium. He is now the third member of the Whitaker showjumping dynasty to win the Hickstead Derby – his uncles, John and Michael Whitaker, had both won Hickstead’s most famous class four times, and now William’s name will join theirs on the Boomerang Trophy.

William Whitaker wins Hickstead Derby Photo: Craig Payne Photography

William Whitaker wins Hickstead Derby
Photo: Craig Payne Photography

Three riders shared the runner-up spot. First to go, Ireland’s Richard Howley got things off to a strong start with a four fault round, after his horse knocked the first part of the Devil’s Dyke.  Yesterday’s British Speed Derby winner Harriet Nuttall came tantalisingly close to doing the double with a super round on A Touch Imperious, only for the very last fence to fall.

William, drawn 24th out of 34 starters, then came in and denied the four-faulters a chance to jump off – though with ten riders still to come there was still a good chance of someone going clear.

Ireland’s Billy Twomey, winner of Saturday’s Tom Hudson Derby Trophy with Thomas, was on target for a clear round on Hamburg Derby winner Diaghilev, but again the Devil’s Dyke – known to be the trickiest fence on the course – ended his Derby dream and left him in second place.

William was delighted to finish top of the leaderboard, having been runner up several times. He said:“It’s one of the classes I’ve always really wanted to win. My horse is always knocking on the door, having been second here as well as several other derbies in Europe, so I’m pleased to finally get the win today,” said William.

Billy Twomey magnanimously described William’s performance in the Derby as a ‘copybook round’, and indeed Whitaker looked every inch a Derby champion as he steered the 13-year-old Irish Sports Horse round the long course. “He’s strong and scopey, and he’s got a lot of stamina. When he jumped the last fence he almost felt as if he could have done it again,” said William.

Earlier in the day, Alfie Bradstock won the Hickstead Under 25 Masters with Hello Disco Boy.

In the showing classes, it was Rebecca Court who claimed the RoR Tattersalls Thoroughbred Show Horse Championship with Beware Chalk Pit. The 12-year-old gelding was in training with Jonathan Geake and ran under Rules a total of 24 times, including two wins over fences.

Rebecca had never ridden in the International Arena at Hickstead before today, but the pair looked perfectly at home there today. “His last race was in January last year and we started training a week after we got him,” she said. “He’s the easiest horse to ride, with a lovely temperament.”

Oliver Hood took the Alltech Supreme Hunter Championship with the nine-year old, Potters Ace. The reserve championship went to Lord John (ridden by Justine Armstrong-Small), who is also from the same yard, making it a one-two for the Hood producing team.

Esther Rostron won the Hickstead Ladies Side Saddle Classic with Penstrumbly Our Abram. She has owned the 16-year-old chestnut for five years. “He’s a bit like a moody chestnut mare – you have to keep him happy – but he’s my favourite horse on the yard. I try to keep his lifestyle varied, so he does a bit of showjumping and I’ll try some veteran classes with him next.”

Ian Smeeth won the Ready Supp Supreme Coloured Horse Ridden Championship riding the five-year-old gelding, Esquire.

All England Jumping Course Director Lizzie Bunn paid tribute to the entire team at Hickstead, for keeping the event running despite poor weather conditions.

“We’ve done our utmost to keep the show going, and the team here has worked all week and through the night in order to keep our car parks open and ensure our showground remained safe and operational,” she said.

Hickstead’s next meeting is the Longines Royal International Horse Show, on July 26-31 July.

Harriet wins Speed Derby

HARRIET Nuttall had a well-deserved win  at the Hickstead Derby Meeting, winning the British Speed Derby with Silver Lift yesterday

Harriet (26) was runner up in no fewer than four of Hickstead’s major classes at last year’s Derby meeting, including the 2015 renewal of the Speed Derby. Twelve months ago she was narrowly beaten in this class by Guy Williams, but this year the roles were reversed with Guy finishing less than one second behind Harriet.

Yeovil-based Nuttall had already taken the lead with her first ride, Highland Cruiser, having clocked up the quickest time but adding eight seconds to her total to finish on 102.77sec. She then bettered her own time with second ride Silver Lift to hold the top two positions, before Guy relegated Highland Cruiser to third.

Harriet Nutall winning the Speed Derby Phptp:

Harriet Nutall winning the Speed Derby : Photo copyright Sian Hayden

“This is my first win so it’s a burden removed to be honest – Hickstead Director Lizzie Bunn keeps saying I’m always the bridesmaid, never the bride!” joked Harriet.

Guy Williams had been aiming for a third consecutive win with Casper De Muze, and a record fifth Speed Derby win in total, but today he had to settle for second.

“Harriet deserved to win it and I’m happy for her. If anyone’s going to beat me I’m glad it’s her – last year she should have won and she threw it away, and this year I did the same thing,” said Guy.

In the Tom Hudson Derby Trophy, Ireland’s Billy Twomey won on board the nine-year-old gelding Thomas, beating Phillip Miller and the in-form Unbelievable Lady into second place.

Billy was first to go in the jump-off, and he set a strong pace that couldn’t be bettered by either Phillip or Anthony Condon, who had two horses in the jump-off.

“The ground was at its best when I went, so maybe I had an advantage going first but I don’t think the conditions were too much of a factor because the jump-off ground felt great,” said Irishman Twomey. “I know Phillip’s horse is fast and careful so I wanted to put down a decent marker and then hopefully they’ll have to go for it and make some mistakes,” he added.

He has had the ride on Thomas about two months, and describes him as “very straightforward but relatively inexperienced.”

Billy won the Hamburg Derby in May and tomorrow will be one of the favourites for the Derby, the feature class of this meeting. He rides Diaghilev, who finished equal second in the Hickstead Derby in 2015.

Other riders to watch out for include Trevor Breen, who is aiming for a third consecutive win with either Adventure De Kannan or Loughnatousa WB. Today’s Speed Derby winner Harriet Nuttall was equal second in the Derby last year with A Touch Imperious, so she is in with a chance to make it a Hickstead double. No one has won the Speed Derby and Hickstead Derby in the same year since Olympic gold medallist Ben Maher in 2005 – today, Harriet could emulate his feat.

Who will win Hickstead Derby?

Who will win today’s Derby at Hickstead?  Reigning Derby champion Trevor Breen returns to Hickstead in the hope of claiming a third consecutive Derby title – but he faces a strong field of contenders.

Ireland’s Billy Twomey is among the favourites for Hickstead’s most famous class, which is held this afternoon . Billy finished second in the Derby in 2015 with Diaghilev with just four faults, and the pair recently won the Hamburg Derby – so this year they are in with a chance of doing the Hamburg/Hickstead double.

All the other runners-up from last year are aiming to come back for another crack at winning, including Nigel Coupe (Golvers Hill), Steven Franks (Carlow Cruiser) and William Whitaker (Glenavadra Brilliant) who all finished on four faults apiece. Harriet Nuttall was not only equal second in the Derby last year with A Touch Imperious, but she also finished second in three more of Hickstead’s premier classes – if anyone deserves to step up from the runner up spot this year, it’s Harriet.

 Harriet Nuttall and a Touch Imperious finished second in the 2015 Derby (c) Julian Portch

Harriet Nuttall and a Touch Imperious finished second in the 2015 Derby (c) Julian Portch

As well as Trevor, there are three former Derby winners entered at this year’s Hickstead Derby Meeting . Guy Williams was the winner in 2010 in what was Hickstead’s 50th anniversary year, and he came seventh last year on the grey Depardieu Van T Kiezelhof. William Funnell, three-time winner (2006, 2008 and 2009) has three Billy Stud horses entered for the meeting, including Billy Onslow, who finished 14th in last year’s Derby renewal.

The 2013 winner and 2014 runner up Phillip Miller is back with the grey Caritiar Z, who has proved himself a number of times round the difficult Derby course – they finished seventh here last summer.

Other riders who did well last year and who could well feature again include Alfie Bradstock (KBIS Caicos) and Peter Smyth (Cavalier Rusticana). They both finished equal seventh, as did Shane Breen (Acoustik Solo Du Baloubet).

Shane, the elder brother of Trevor Breen, is based at Hickstead and married to Chloe (nee Bunn), the daughter of the All England Jumping Course’s founder Douglas Bunn. Shane has been placed in the Derby on many occasions but has yet to lift the Boomerang Trophy.

“The stage is set for another thrilling Derby here at the All England Jumping Course,” said Hickstead Director Lizzie Bunn. “We’re all excited to see whether Trevor can join the elite ranks of those who have won three times in a row, but there are many other riders who have a very good chance of taking the title, including the three other former Derby winners.”


 Harriet Nuttall and a Touch Imperious finished second in the 2015 Derby (c) Julian Portch

Harriet Nuttall and a Touch Imperious finished second in the 2015 Derby (c) Julian Portch


Tracy wins Hickstead Derby Tankard

Surrey-based Tracy Priest won the Bunn Leisure Derby Tankard at yesterday at Hickstead, on a day when leading ladies came to the fore.

Tracy has been having a superb run of form so far at the Hickstead Derby Meeting, having already notched up a win in Wednesday’s Senior Foxhunter first round riding her own Caruso Deres Z, before following up with another win today in the 1.20m Hickstead Novice Championship.

In the Bunn Leisure Derby Tankard, seven riders went into the jump-off, but none could better the time of Tracy and her own nine-year-old grey gelding Caristo VDL.

Tracy Priest and winning the Bunn Leisure Derby Photo:

Tracy Priest and winning the Bunn Leisure Derby Photo: Julian  Portch

“I’ve had him since he was a five-year-old and these last few weeks he’s been jumping unbelievably,” she said. “We kept just missing out, but I really believed I could win it.”

Hickstead Derby 2013 winner Phillip Miller finished second with Unbelievable Lady, another horse who has been on great form of late.

The first international class of the meeting went to Hickstead regular Louise Pavitt, who was victorious in the Stoner Jewellers Vase. Louise took the ride on Fiona VH Lemmenshoff, who is owned by her partner, David Simpson. They recorded the fastest of 12 clear jumping rounds to secure victory round the 1.45m track.

“We’ve owned her (Fiona) for the past three years, but she’s still fairly green at this height,” said Louise, who gave birth to her second baby last December.

‘Fiona’ can be tricky to ride, as Louise explained. “She’s always got her head in your face – we call her the reindeer at home! She’s easy to jump though, you never think that she’ll stop – whatever you ask of her, she’ll try her heart out.”

Today’s highlights at the Hickstead Derby Meeting include the Bunn Leisure Master’s Challenge – a timed course of fences followed by a series of upright gates of ascending heights – and the Bunn Leisure Derby Trial, in which the riders must qualify to be able to compete in the Derby on Sunday.

Tickets are available online and on the gate.

Don’t miss Brighton’s racing festival

CONSIDERED by experts from The Telegraph as one of the best places in the UK to watch sport, Brighton Racecourse is the place to be this summer for its three-day Festival of Racing extravaganza.

There is a superb view from the stands of the entire track, as well as the nearby sea and highly competitive racing is expected for its famous festival meeting.

Good action promised at Brighton's Festival meeting

Good action promised at Brighton’s Festival meeting

The Festival gallops off on Wednesday August 3 with the John Smiths Raceday featuring the Brighton Mile, Brighton Racecourse’s richest race of the year, followed by the hugely popular Frost Ladies Day on Thursday August 4 with the Festival coming to a thundering crescendo at the CheckaTrade Festival Finale on Friday August 5.

Get close to the parade ring action at Brighton too

Get close to the parade ring action at Brighton too

The event is expected to attract runners from top trainers, and some local racing yards are sure to be represented.

Tickets start from £16 when booked online in advance. Get your tickets now for certain lunch and hospitality packages are already sold out as tickets are selling fast.

Hickstead health and safety stepped up

HEALTH and Safety is playing a larger role when it comes to staging major Equestrian events at Hickstead. The directors at Hickstead have invested £85,000 this year ahead of the Hickstead Derby and the Longines Royal International Horse Show reports John Periam.

Edward Bunn said. “We need to segregate the horses more from the spectators and have put in 500 meters of all-weather horse walks.

“These will allow the horse’s to enter the outer rings a lot easier whilst at the same time giving people safer access to the trade stand areas. We have also included two more all-weather collecting rings. This again will help separate horses from spectators.”

Hickstead's famous International Arena Photo: Julian Portch

Hickstead’s famous International Arena Photo: Julian Portch

He added that this would allow the horses to enter the outer rings a lot easier, whilst at the same time giving people safer access to the trade stand areas.

“We have also included two more all-weather collecting rings. This again will help separate horses from spectators. With so many horses attending both these major events the right of way to and from the stable areas is important and we want to make sure when in transit from this area the horses will be able to link to the new walks without entering the public walkways he continued.”

The popular Polo Clubhouse at Hickstead has also benefited from changes, having also been extended with more balcony seating space outside as well as an enlarged catering area inside.

“We are trying hard to make Hickstead more people friendly, whilst at the same time giving visitors and Hickstead members the opportunity to see more of the events without having to worry about horses and riders safety along with theirs,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, he reported that tickets sales are well up on last year, and he was pleased to see that the interest in show Jumping and showing is as popular as ever.

” We have some top class riders at both events, and Bob Ellis our course designer has made sure that some of the International Classes will be challenging both for horse and rider,” he added.

Fourth Arena Polo World Cup

After hosting the first ever FIP Arena Polo European Championship in 2015, the ARAF Elite Horse & Polo Club presents the 4th Arena Polo World Cup from September  9-11 September.

Four international polo clubs are taking part with their teams to compete for the trophy. The sponsors La Martina, Gilan, Maserati and Badrutt’s Palace feature teams and players of the Evviva Polo Club St. Moritz, Santa María Polo Club Sotogrande, Alegría Polo Club Buenos Aires and the Elite Horse & Polo Club Baku. The teams can resort to 100 excellent polo ponies from Argentina (80) and the local region Karabakh (20).

Action in a previous Arena Polo World Cup

Action in a previous Arena Polo World Cup   Photo: ARAF Polo Club

For four years Mr. Bahruz Nabijev of the Equestrian Federation of Azerbaijan Republic (ARAF) has organised this unique and top class arena polo tournament together with World Polo of Reto Gaudenzi and his team.

Last year Reto Gaudenzi of World Polo was appointed by General Elcin Guliyev (President ARAF) as the official representative of ARAF for international polo relations.

Thanks to General Elcin Gulijev, President of ARAF, and Mr. Manuchehr Ahadpur Khangah polo was raised from zero to a remarkable international level in Azerbaijan during the last four years. Proof for that is not at least the victory of the Azeri team in the Arena Polo European Championship 2015.

Now the local team has substantiated its role as defending champion with a three-month polo training in Argentina. In December, Azerbaijan will apply for the FIP European Championship 2018 played on full-size grass fields.

For the 4th Arena Polo World Cup Reto Gaudenzi, who is the organiser of the world-renowned Snow Polo World Cup in St. Moritz as well, brings together the unique locations of Baku and St. Moritz. “We will stage a glamorous and traditional St. Moritz Night in Baku.” The legendary hotel Badrutt’s Palace in St. Moritz will also be in charge for the excellent VIP Catering together with a local caterer from Elite Horse & Polo Club.

Four days of great sport and glamorous polo nights with great entertainment in Baku will welcome guests from all over the world.