Support for BHS Trec to be withdrawn by society after 2014 season

The British Horse Society has revealed that 2014 will be the last year that it will support BHS TREC. After this season the society will no longer organise the TREC qualifiers and Championship. A Board meeting earliet this month voted that the financial investment involved was an ‘unsustainable and inappropriate’ use of charity funds.

A Le Trec competitor in action

A  BHS Trec competitor in action

During the past few months The British Horse Society and the TREC Competitions Advisory Committee had been investigating the viability of TREC within the Society. This investigation was requested by the Board of The British Horse Society amid concerns that TREC required a significant investment of charity funds each year. As a charity, The British Horse Society must ensure that its funds support the core aims of education, access, safety and welfare.

At the Board meeting the results of the TREC feasibility study were presented and discussed. The decision was unanimous the financial investment of operating as the governing body of the sport served such a relatively discrete number of people.

The society said: “BHS TREC was brought to Great Britain in the late nineties and it has provided riders with wonderful competitions supported by a loyal group of organisers and volunteers. These dedicated people have made it possible for TREC competitors to enjoy the sport, and we extend our thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years.

“We are hopeful that another organisation may continue with the legacy which the BHS has left to the equestrian community, rising to the challenge of supporting TREC and organising the competitions and associated functions,” said Lynn Petersen, chief executive of The British Horse Society.

BHS TREC has developed the skills a horse and rider needs while out hacking, with three phases testing ability in orienteering, negotiating obstacles and basic flatwork, with competitions throughout Great Britain and Northern Ireland catering for all levels of rider from beginners to experts. Enthusiasts are hoping someone will step into the breach to enable the sport to continue.


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