Moorcroft Racehorse Welfare Centre has superb record in retraining and rehoming ex-racehorses

MOORCROFT Racehorse Welfare Centre at Slinfold, near Horsham, had a busy 2013, not only retraining and succesfully rehoming ex-racehorses, but also with a well attended programme of demonstrations, clinics and lectures throughout the winter months.

A similar programme is being organised for 2014 and in the interim the profile of this outstanding centre has been raised even further thanks to the racing channel, At The Races.

A retired racehoorse enjoying Moorcroft's solarium facilities as part of its rehabilitation Photo: Mark Beaumont

A retired racehoorse enjoying Moorcroft’s solarium facilities as part of its rehabilitation
Photo: Mark Beaumont

A crew visited the centre in September and made a film of the modus operandi at Moorcroft. This was aired daily on the channel in the ten days leading up to its Plumpton Raceday. Luke Harvey made the film, which can now be viewed on the front page of Moorcroft’s website-

This clearly shows the high standard of work done at this centre, with staff dedicated to rehoming and retraining racehorses to the highest possible standard. Moorcroft’s Annual Charity Raceday at Plumpton was an outstanding success, achieving £46,000 and the marquee was a sell-out.

Put a date in your diary for this next year, when it takes place on Monday October 20. In the interim, chairman Tim Fox has thanked everyone who supported both the raceday and also a quiz night at the Landmark Hotel in London in April, helping to make them enjoyable and highly successful events.

Moorcroft, based at Huntingrove Stud, is supported and partially funded by Retraining Of Racehorses and The Racing Foundation, and with the help of its own pro-active fundraising continues to operate to a very high standard, achieving a professional top level of rehoming retired racehorses under the management of Mary Henley-Smith.

It has a prestigious number of trustees, who ensure that it carries out its mission  to re-school and rehabilitate former racehorses that have been gifted Moorcroft so that they can have a real chance at a second career, under Mary’s skilled care.

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