A donkey at Lavant House Stables in Sussex is aiming to win a top media award

A mischievous donkey called Two Stroke at Lavant House Stables and Riding School near Chichester has been heralded as a social media genius. The stables started a weekly blog on its website ‘written’ by this donkey.

Two Stroke- a social media genius at Lavant House Riding School and Stables

Two Stroke- a social media genius at Lavant House Riding School and Stables

This innovative and amusing blog has led to judges of the Equestrian Social Media Awards putting Lavant House into the top ten in the world for social media use.Lavant House is shown in the finalists in Category 11 – riding schools.

The Donkey Diaries are pretty funny and have included a social media campaign for more carrots which got thousands of likes.

Here is just one recent entry:

“So this week a new pony has arrived called Domino, he is black and white and a bit bigger than me. My favourite trick is to scare the newbies. You wouldn’t believe how many horses haven’t seen a handsome donkey like me. I could give you an endless list of horses that arrived in 2013 that thought I was some sort of terrifying demon – beautiful Daisy for example, every time I snuck up on her she would stand on her back legs and snort at me like a fire breathing dragon. No idea why, I think it is because she fancied me…

“So this week I’ve tried my scaring skills on Domino. Diesel is boring, he doesn’t like to join in because it’s ‘mean’ apparently, but I force him to participate anyway. So I began by sneaking into my stable and waiting in the depths of darkness for him to arrive on the yard.  As he is tied up by the human, I stayed lurking, sometimes poking my head out so he could see my eyes in the light.

“He was definitely on edge then boom just as the human comes over (they’ve got to appreciate it too) I hurtled out my stable, with Diesel hot on my tail straight past Domino (close shave). You should have seen the look on his face! Wow I think he may have needed to go to the bathroom afterwards.  I couldn’t have planned it better! I’m going to the woods behind his field tonight to rattle the trees, haha.

“That’s my kind of initiation test to become part of Lavant; if they can put up with me scaring them then they’re a keeper.

“Oh I thought I would share with you this cute picture of myself, this was me at lunchtime pulling my cute face to get some more grub. It worked.

Two Stroke pictured in his blog

Two Stroke pictured in his blog

– See more at: http://lhstables.co.uk/two-strokes-donkey-diary-initiation-test-for-domino-week-7/#sthash.MyrUWnS3.dpuf

Everyone who knows about the diaries wants Lavant House to win and be seen as the best in the world, leading the way for other riding schools throughout the country and the world.

Lavant House would love to go on and win. A victory would also put the local area and its rural businesses on the map.  The awards are very serious and called the ESMAs. The closing date for votes is February 7 2014.

You can help by voting for this unique blog at: http://www.equestriansocialmediaawards.com/finalists-esma


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