Donna’s miniature Shetland is a very early foal and is proving to be an absolute cracker

TAKE a look at this little cracker- one of the early foals of 2014 – named  Lucksfield Bianco. Bred and owned by Donna Luck of Almodington on the Selsey Penninsula,  she arrived safely on January 15 at 7pm- and has been running rings round her mother, miniature shetland Lyndurst Buttons, ever since.

Photo by Donna Luck

Luckfield Bianco with her mother, Shetland Lyndhurst Buttons Photo by Donna Luck

Her sire is an unregistered miniature horse, Ujenik Sparkling Dude and she is the first miniature Shetland foal that Donna has bred.

Donna (27) explained: “I had my first Shetland when I was two years old and when I was a youngster,  my mother, Robbie, bred a Shetland foal which had a cleft palate and later had to be put down. It was heartbreaking at the time and we did everything possible to save the foal.”

Luckfield Bianco leading her mother a merry dance Photo Donna Luck

Lucksfield Bianco leading her mother a merry dance
Photo Donna Luck

“But Bianco is simply perfect and I feel this was a second chance for me. I think that ultimately Bianco will make someone an ideal pet. I’m going to bring her on and will handle her, so that she can be available from when she is around six months old.”

Meanwhile Donna will be out in the show ring this year competing over 2’9″ jumps  and also doing a bit of cross country and dressage with her home bred showing horse, Lucksfield Random. Aged seven, he is part-bred Welsh x spotted and proving extremely versatile.

Donna's spotted horse      Photo by:

Donna’s spotted horse Lucksfield Random Photo by:JSBE Photography

He has proved to be a talented horse and is a real eye-catcher with plenty of abiltiy and jumps superbly. For more information on Lucksfield Bianco, contact Donna on 01243 51231.

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