Ask your MP to vote on fly-grazing next week

MPs will debate fly grazing in Parliament this Tuesday 26 November, at 2.30pm. Please email yout MPs now and ask them to attend this debate – and if you have experienced problems with fly grazed horses in your area, tell them about that too so they will see how this issue affects their constituents.

A group of Bndonedhorses being taken Photo: World Horse Welfare

A group of andonedhorses taken in by the charity
Photo: World Horse Welfare

As we all know, the UK’s horses are facing a crisis. 7,000 of them are at risk of becoming welfare cases, and winter is approaching fast.

Around half of these horses at risk are being ‘fly grazed’ – placed illegally on land without permission to graze and left to fend for themselves. The Welsh Government has proposed new legislation that may help to ease the problem there, by allowing ‘fly grazed’ horses to be removed more quickly.

This could be great news for Wales – but if England doesn’t follow suit, we may simply see thousands of horses being moved from Wales to England, putting even more pressure on to local authorities and charities, and leading to more horse suffering.

 Hannah Lynch, Campaigns Officer at World Horse Welfare has appealed to everyone to give this support by contacting their MPs and asking them to vote for this vital legislation to prevent the remainder of the British Isles being flooded with dumped horses.

Lowered market values and demand for horses coupled with the increasing costs of caring for a horse have left many owners in a situation where they can neither look after nor sell their horses – leading to an increase in neglect and abandonment. Fly grazing – where horses are left on land without the landowner’s permission – has also become more common across the country.

Equine charities are already full of horses that have been rescued from neglect and abuse – before winter arrives, which is likely to make the situation even worse as horses struggle to cope with harsh weather conditions. Action is desperately needed now.

To ask your MP to attend the debate, click on the following:

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