Competitive dressage makes a long-awaited return to the Horse of the Year Show on October 9

The Mount St John Dressage Future Elite Championship will be held at the Horse of the Year Show in Birmingham this year- on the evening of Wednesday, October 9.

Emile Faurie will be competing

Emile Faurie will be competing

This competition marks the return of competitive dressage to the famous show and will provide an excellent opportunity for British riders to showcase their up-and-coming Grand Prix horses in an international setting.

Seven leading dressage riders have been confirmed the will  compete. They are:Charlotte Dujardin, Sarah Millis, Emile Faurie, Micheal Eilberg, Spencer Wilton, Andrew Gould and Dan Greenwood.

Each combination will perform the Intermediate I Freestyle to Music test before three world-renowned judges. This test requires a number of high-level movements, including canter pirouettes, half pass and flying changes, performed to music – a real treat for spectators.

The horses will be working between Advanced Medium and Intermediate 1 level and aged between seven and 10.

Michael Eilberg will return to the Andrews Bowen International Arena on Friday to host the Eilberg Dressage Master Class. He will be joined by his sister, dressage rider Maria, and their father Ferdi, who rode for Great Britain four times before turning to training. The Master Class will provide a fascinating insight into the training techniques of the top dressage riders.

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