Britain’s horse crisis continues, warns World Horse Welfare

World Horse Welfare has called for action to stem a growing horse crisis in Britain. It has warned that a growing number of  irresponsible owners are dumping equines on good grazing and on land owned by other people.

Horses are being dumped on grassland all over the country. Photo by Steve Mason

Horses are being dumped on grassland all over the country. Photo by Steve Mason

A spokesman for the charity said: ” The reality is that these horses are left to deteriorate without proper care and they will die unless someone intervenes.”

In reality different horse rescue groups and charities take in some of the abandoned equines, but cannot cope with all of them.

” Charities cannot cope with mass numbers like those that are currently being abandoned all over the UK right now. We need help to put a stop to this,” said Field Officer for WHW, Alana Chapman.

She had earlier found a mare dumped in a field of more than 100 horses in Kent with a dead foal still trapped in her birth canal. It was impossible to save the life of the mare, which had to be destroyed.

“Stories like this are distressing but we need to highlight the enormous problems being faced by charities like ourselves,” she said.

Recently the Welsh Government vowed to take legislative action to prevent fly-grazing, which has such horrific consequences. But so far English authorities have seen no reason to take any action despite persistent warnings from equine charities that the problem is escalating.

To read full details about the situation, how you can help, and field officer Alana ¬†Chapman’s full report see:






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