Moorcroft Racehorse Welfare Centre to stage Introduction to Grounding session

AN Introduction to Grounding is the theme for a session being held at Moorcroft  Racing Welfare Centre, at Huntgrove Stud, Slinfold, on Saturday June 8, taken by manager Mary Henley-Smith and Sue Newport.

A previous deomstration at Moorcroft Photo by Mark Beaumont

A previous deomstration at Moorcroft
Photo by Mark Beaumont

Sue is a volunteer who used energy therapy to enhance the abilities of former racehorses horses at the centre to heal trauma in their bodies on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Horse owners who look for a better relationship or help with their horse’s behavioural problems can look to a vast array of thing to achieve this.

Mary said: “Sometimes the help is short-lived, expensive or simply does not work for a combination of things. This is because we mostly look for outside help when we could first look at ourselves and put in place a good foundation too work from.”

The simplest and most useful skill is to develop what is called ‘grounding’. This enables owners to work more intuitively, from feelings and not so much from the head; to be softer and yet more toned in body and clearer in bid language, all of which the horse understands.

She added: “The introduction is a mixture of theory and simple practical exercises. Our aim is to give owners a felt sense and understanding of why and what they are aiming for and to give the tools to develop the skill.”

Anyone who wants to know more should go along to this grounding demonstration and will not go away empty-handed. There is no cost, but a donation would be appreciated. For more information contact 07929 666408  or

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