Riders from all over South East helped raise £7,000 for RDA group


 Casi's Farm horses Perdigau and Robbie on the sponsored ride  Photo Courtesy of Abatjour Photography

Casi’s Farm horses Perdigau and Robbie on the sponsored ride. Photo Courtesy of Abatjour Photography

Last summer’s Paralympic Games made it abundantly clear that disability does not preclude ambition or the capacity to strive at and enjoy sport.

In recognition of this, despite weather forecasts and fears, 109 able bodied riders turned out to support Cranleigh RDA on Good Friday in a sponsored ride when they were rewarded by sunny weather and, after several days miraculously without rainfall, good ground conditions.

Riders came from all over the South East of England with their trailers and boxes to take part in the fundraising event for this group, which does such important voluntary work.

Cranleigh RDA ensures that more than 200 adults and children with mental or physical difficulties are given the opportunity to ride, gaining enormous benefit both from the actual riding and also from close contact with horses.

Fundraising is essential to cover the costs of upkeep of the group’s horses and stables at Casi’s Farm, Rowly Drive, Cranleigh, where it has the invaluable input of around 160 volunteers when riding lessons take place.

This impressive effort by riders and CRDA volunteers has ensured that all proceeds from the ride, which are expected to top £7,000, will go to this vital cause.

Grateful thanks have been expressed to land owners who made their land available for the ride, to all those who rode in support of Cranleigh RDA’s work and the many individuals and companies who sponsored the Casi’s Farm team of ponies, Rafferty and Perigau.

They were ridden by teenagers Alice Lee and Conor Howard and were accompanied  by Sue Keen on Robbie and Brry Collyer on his own horse, Sparky.

In addition, Blue and Louie, two of the oldest of the Casi’s Farm ponies, ridden by Amelia Lee and Laura Hegg were amongst the thirteen participants who undertook the ‘new for 2013’ three-mile course for led and accompanied riders and had a brilliant day out.

For more information about Cranleigh RDA Group see www.cranleighrdagroup.co.uk



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